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Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Answers Some Spicy Questions

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Answers Some Spicy QuestionsUnexpected fans heard that McKayla Adkins expected a baby with her then-fiance, Ethan, Since then, they got married and fans seem curious about how he feels because she makes a living with adult content these days. For a while now, she’s been very active dishing spicy content, although it’s often with other women. Once, she even shared a threesome. When she invited some spicy questions, fans heard a lot about her views when it comes to revealing intimacy.

Unexpected – McKalya Adkins Wasn’t All That Popular On TLC

Possibly, no TLC fans expected that one day, McKayla would go full-on with adult content. Instead, a lot of people thought that she might be just too lazy to do anything at all. At the time, she seemed more than happy to live off Caelan Morrison. Well, she took to Only Fans, and she seems to get a lot of subscribers there.

Even when Unexpected fans heard that she was pregnant, McKayla claimed that some people like that, so she didn’t intend to slow down with her spicy content. Sadly, the baby died in a miscarriage. However, she still raises her kids, Timmy and Gracelynn. So fans wondered what they will think of their mom’s racy content when they grow older.

Unexpected Star McKayla Answers Questions Very Candidly

Taking to her Instagram on June 16, McKlayla told her fans that initially, she felt a bit shy about revealing everything. However, as time went by, she became more comfortable with it. Additionally, she didn’t even worry about her family watching her get intimate. She said, “if you’re family and you’re looking at my content, that’s a bigger problem, lol.” 

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Answers Some Spicy Questions 1
McKayla Adkins / Instagram Stories

The Unexpected alum doesn’t seem to draw many limits on the content. So when a fan asked how “spicy” it really is, she told them that she pretty much does anything that people “ask for.” Of course, TLC fans want to know how come her husband doesn’t seem to object. So, McKayla said that she knows she’s “making pern (sic),” but “he doesn’t care.” She explained that they discuss things and drew up “boundaries.”

What About The Kids?

Unexpected fans found out that it simply doesn’t worry Mckalya Adkins what her kids might think when they grow older. She told her followers that making love “isn’t dirty and shameful.” Additionally, she won’t “pretend it is.”

Well, as the former TLC star lives with a guy who doesn’t worry about the way she makes a living, it’s unlikely that she stops any time soon. After all, he knew about it before they tied knot, and McKayla doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Unexpected spoilers, news, and updates.

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