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Days of Our Lives Moments To Remember: Bo and Hope Get Married

Days of Our Lives Moments To Remember: Bo and Hope Get MarriedDays of Our Lives spoilers reveal Bo and Hope being on our TV screens once again in July when Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso return for Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

Days of Our Lives’ Bo and Hope: How It All Began

As far as we know, Bo is still dead and he will likely be a spirit, but Hope is still very much alive, and in Canada where Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Weston (Victoria Konefal) find her. Cin are supposed to pick up the mantle Bo and Hope left for supercouple superstardom, but sometimes there’s nothing like the original.

And the original had a long and storied romance that started back in 1983 when Bo Brady, who had just returned from the Merchant Marines, met Hope Williams, who had just returned from boarding school, at Shenanigans. He gave her a ride home on his motorcycle and the rest is soap opera history.

A Royal Wedding To Remember

A little over a year after they met, Bo had kidnapped Hope away from her wedding to Larry Welch (Andrew Massett). She was only 18 years old and ready to marry the older district attorney to please her family. While it never made sense for Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) to want his teenage daughter to marry this man, she almost went through with it but then changed her mind when she realized Bo still loved her. However, some criminals forced her to leave Bo once again and take vows with Larry. Less than a year after that, it was time for the real deal with Bo and Hope.

The coupe was already in England where they had just defeated a killer known as The Dragon who was murdering distant members of the royal family. They even managed to save the queen, so she decided to give them a royal wedding befitting one of her children.

Days of Our Lives Moments To Remember: Bo and Hope Get Married

Of course, the wedding couldn’t go off without a hitch and Bo had to steal a milk truck to get to the church, landing himself in jail. But, he eventually did make it and managed to sing to Hope during the ceremony.

That was May of 1985 and Bo and Hope married a few more times after that, as this is a soap opera after all. Still, no wedding will ever be as memorable as that first one filmed on location in the UK. This was American soap opera royalty after all. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem to see what Bo and Hope do next.

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