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Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Plot Against Bert?

Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Plot Against Bert?Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield really bring loads of drama to the TLC show. Actually, fans seem to turn on Dannielle because she almost seems to invite emotional pain. However, as the season continues, fans start to think that she perhaps plotted to make Garrick and their potential third wife, Roberta break up. That comes after another possible wife, Lea arrived on the scene.

Seeking Sister Wife Seems Dodgy With Some Storylines

A lot of people simply don’t like the way the show is leaning. Each season that came along seemed to indicate that the network pushed polygamous partners in it for multiple sexual experiences. So, it’s not a huge surprise that Colton Winder, Tami, and Sophie were not in the new season. After all, they seem motivated by their faith and they display good moral character.

Seeking Sister Wife fans saw that Roberta and Garrick looked for a wedding venue. Recall, in the previous season, Garrick decide to try for a baby before they tied the knot. So, his divorced wife was very jealous and broken. Nevertheless, TLC fans started slamming her, suggesting that Dannielle is to blame for self-inflicted torture. After all, she constantly goes along with Garrick’s ideas.

Seeking Sister Wife – Did Dannielle Plot Against Roberta?

In the new season spoilers, fans saw that Roberta was super-jealous when she found out that Garrick and Dannielle planned to bring in another wife, Lea. Notably, Dannielle didn’t look too sympathetic for Roberta who struggled with a lot of jealous emotions. However, Redditors put two and two together. So, they suspect that Danielle knew that would happen. Did she deliberately go along with getting another wife to see off Roberta?

Seeking Sister Wife followers on the SeekingSisterWifeTLC subreddit chatted about Dannielle and Lea this week. It came when u/mewimakittty wondered, “Does anyone else feel like Danielle put an ad out for a fake third wife? To keep them in the show, but especially to ruin Bert and Garrick’s relationship?”

Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Plot Against Lea
u/mewimakittty / r/seekingsisterwifetlc

The poster also observed that “Lea and Garrick don’t seem into each other at all.” 

Fake And Plotted Critics Agree

Seeking Sister Wife fans in the subreddit seemed to agree that it all smells very suspicious. After all, if Roberta left, would TLC have even invited them back? Plus, they also seem to agree that it all smells of fakery.

One contributor said, “They don’t seem to be into each other AT ALL… he is not lusting after her like he was Bert. Lea’s eyerolls are hilarious. I think she just wants to be on TV. What a complete scam.”

Nevertheless, those people who can’t stand Garrick are there for it. One of them opined, “Hey if she pisses Bert off and gives Ick the hell he deserves, I’m here for it! Haha….. Scam or not, I’m finding it quite entertaining. I know, I’m easily amused….”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC show right now. Come back here often for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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