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Mama June Road To Redemption Spoilers: Are People Trying To Silence Mama June?

 Mama JuneMama June Road to Redemption spoilers reveals that the larger-than-life reality star June “Mama June” Shannon thinks people are trying to silence her. June is made and refuses to keep quiet. Why does June believe people want her to stay quiet?

Mama June Road To Redemption – June Shannon Is Upset Over Cancelled Dates

Mama June often participates in meet and greets with fans. June has always had a big personality and enjoys the interaction. However, recently two sponsored events have canceled her appearance and June is calling them out. Of course, June’s life has been full of drama recently and that could have something to do with the cancelations.

June has been tied up in court over custody of her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. June also recently got married. June has also proven that she tends to disappear during the taping of her Wetv show as well. However, June doesn’t like to disappoint her fans and she is speaking out about it.

Mama June Road To Redemption – June Shannon Calls Out Event Promoters

Mama June Road To Redemption recently called out supporters on her Instagram account for canceling her appearances. June posted, “I mean this is getting really old it’s like someone is out there just trying to make me be quiet or they just are jealous of what we are trying to do about giving back…

We are going to show them that we are going to continue to shine. We are continuing to change our life every day so if you were going to the Tupelo con in Mississippi or coming to the Dairy Queen in Brunswick Georgia we are sorry.” June also hints that she knows why her appearances are being canceled but didn’t name anyone specific.

Mama June Road To Redemption Spoilers: Are People Trying To Silence Mama June?

Mama June Road To Redemption – Fans Are Not Happy With June Shannon’s Post

Mama June Road To Redemption fans shocked June with their response to her video. Fans thought that calling out Dairy Queen was not the right thing to do. Fans are wondering why June isn’t putting more time into her family instead. Fans also praise Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird for stepping up for her sisters Alana and Jessica Shannon. Another fan tells June that she has made herself look bad by lying to her kids and putting men above them. This fan says she wouldn’t come to see June after everything she has done.

It is obvious that June needs to get her head on straight and put her children first. Will June ever learn to put her kids above her men? Will June help support her daughter now that she’s been ordered to pay support?

Keep checking back with us for news and updates on Mama June – Road To Redemption. Mama June airs on WeTv Fridays at 9 p.m.

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