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Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Discusses Privacy Decisions

Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Discusses Privacy DecisionsLittle People Big World, (LPBW) fans eagerly awaited the arrival of Isabel and Jacob’s baby, Mateo. As she documented the stages of her pregnancy on social media, TLC fans fully expected that like Tori and Zach, the couple would post up photos of their newborn without his face being hidden. That never happened. However, she talked about their privacy decisions again this week. Additionally, she mentioned a few other things in her Instagram Stories on June 9.

Little People Big World Critics Often Slam Isabel Roloff

TLC fans already know that Jacob and Isabel decided together that they wouldn’t share the face of their child. At one stage, Jacob went off at a fan who even suggested it, but fans thought he was joking. Well, he was absolutely serious. So these days, fans see bits and pieces of Mateo, but never his face. So, a lot of fans turned on Isabel. In fact, it seems they find almost any reason to tear into her. They even went as far as accusing her of copy-catting Audrey Roloff’s social media posts.

When Little People Big World fans first heard from Jacob in October last year, that he would not show his son’s face, fans were not unduly surprised. After all, he had no choice as a kid when he ended up in front of the cameras for the TLC show. Well, questions about the decision still flow in. This week, Isabel showed remarkable patience by answering them again. But she added a bit more about it.

Little People Big World – Privacy Decision Came From Jacob

Isabel told a fan in her Q&A that Jacob started discussing privacy for their son “very early on in [her] pregnancy.” In fact, it turns out that fans are lucky to see any bits of Mateo. Isabel confessed, “to be honest I had no idea to what capacity he’d even be comfortable with me sharing pieces of him.” Anyway, she feels grateful that Jacob allows her to share anything of her son.

Little People Big World Isabel Roloff Discusses Privacy Decisions
Isabel Roloff / Instagram Stories

The Little People Big World alum always discusses each post with his wife. Isabelle said that they discuss it and work out his comfort level before she shares anything showing her son. Clearly, she respects her husband’s decision on it.

No Birth Story & Other Privacy Issues

Little People Big World fans shouldn’t hold their breath for Isabel to post up a video of her birth story. When a TLC fan asked about it, she said that it was very personal. Additionally, she fears that folks will “rip my aspect of it apart like they do with everything that I share.” 

Privacy for Mateo doesn’t end with their son. Isabel also talked about other kids like Jackson, Lilah, Josiah, Ember, Bode, and Radley Roloff. They used to post photos of Jacob’s nieces and nephews but she said that they tapered off on that. Whilst they obviously “love them,” she added that just because they don’t post doesn’t mean that ever changed.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with LPBW right now. Come back here often for more Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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