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Sister Wives: Christine Looks Amazing After The Divorce

Sister Wives: Christine Looks Amazing After The DivorceFans of the popular TLC series, Sister Wives, were in full support of Christine’s decision to leave her marriage with Kody Brown. They’re also predicting that the other wives, Janelle and Meri would follow suit. 

While many viewers have been commending Christine for her strong will, her son, Paedon also had a few things to say.

Christine Leaves The Sister Wives

The news of Christine’s departure from the Sister Wives family came in November 2021. Christine revealed that she had left the Brown family. She entered the family as the third wife in 1994. This was after her husband, Kody Brown, had married Meri (1990) and Janelle (1993). 

Christine has always wanted to be married in a polygamous home as she was from one. Brown’s family was growing and Christine helped bridge the gap between the first two wives. She had a loving and caring nature. 

She eventually became a homemaker and was able to educate and take care of all the children. The downside was that she was putting the needs of others before hers. With the help of her father, Christine had to learn how to say no when she was burning out. 

Robyn stepped in as the fourth wife and picked up from where Christine stopped. Christine decided to explore her career options when the family moved to Vegas. She tried MLM and it worked very well for her. 

Sister Wives: Christine Looks Amazing After The Divorce

When Kody decided to implement his ‘strict’ protocols due to the pandemic,  Christine finally realized that her marriage wasn’t working out. Her decision to leave the marriage was epic as fans showed their love and support when she left.

Christine Is Doing Well For Herself

Many fans have claimed that Christine has been glowing since she left the Browns. She has recently been spending more time with her children and granddaughter Avalon. She has also been in touch with her former sister wife Janelle. 

The wives often go on daring adventures and vacations with the kids to keep the memories flowing. 

Fortunately, Christine’s family has been very supportive of her decision. Her son Paedon recently went live on TikTok to praise his mother. He confirmed that his mother was doing well and that he was lucky to have her as a mother.

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