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Sister Wives: Is Kody Manipulating His Family members?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Manipulating His Family members?Kody Brown is probably one of the most hated characters in the Sister Wives Universe at the moment.

Many fans have complained that he has been very rude to his wives and has also destroyed the family’s sense of stability by moving the family across the country for his interest.

But can we say that he’s a gaslighter?  A user from Reddit came to this conclusion after binging the show recently.

Reddit Users Slam Kody Brown Over His Manipulative Behavior

If you’re not familiar with the term gaslighting, it’s the father of emotional abuse. This form of emotional abuse will make you question your brief system and your view of life (POV). This physiological manipulation wears down the victim’s self-esteem and also his confidence. 

In the end, the victim is a slave to the gaslighter as he or she will always seek validation from them. This is one thing you’ll find in an abusive relationship and Kody Brown fits this description very well.

A Reddit user who was watching the show for the first time confessed that Kody has been very devious. According to the user, Kody has been “gaslighting the wives about his sh**y and inconsistent behaviour/decisions?!”

Sister Wives: Is Kody Manipulating His Family members?

Sister Wives: Then And Now

First, when the show first premiered, Kody took the role of the devoted family man. Aside from being likened to a sitcom character from The Office this show was based on family values. It also showed how it feels to like to have a different way of living. 

However, lots of things have changed since the first season. Kody is no longer the man we used to know. Today, some of his wives can’t stand him anymore. Some Reddit users have now placed him in the category of Josh Duggar and Jason Korgi.

Do you feel that Kody is egocentric? Does he gaslight the members of his household? Let us know from your comments.

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