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Why Did The OutDaughtered Twins Ava And Lulu Shun The Fun?

Why Did The OutDaughtered Twins Ava And Lulu Shun The Fun?OutDaughtered spoilers and updates came from Adam Bubsy this weekend. On Sunday, June 5, he posted up on his Instagram stories that the kids went shopping with him. However, at one stage, the twins, Ava and Olivia, A.K.A Lulu rejected joining in on the fun. So, what’s up with them? TLC fans know both girls are quite adventurous and usually engage in activities.

OutDaughtered Twins Ava And Olivia Busby Growing Up

TLC fans know that out of all the quints, only Ava and Oliva are identical twins. As they grow a bit older, all of the quints’ personalities start to emerge. Ava makes folks laugh. Meanwhile, Lulu meets her challenges and also seems like quite a happy child. However, neither of them bought into Adam’s suggestion when they all went shopping this weekend.

OutDaughtered fans know that Ava Lane is very much a mommy’s girl. That admission came from Danielle herself.  Additionally, they know that Adam and Parker Kate have a very special relationship. Hazel seems to love everyone, and Riley grabbed the hearts of fans for being unique. Meanwhile, fans decided that Olivia is definitely daddy’s girl as well. But, she wasn’t interested in his fun suggestion at the shop.

OutDaughtered Twins Shun The Fun

When Adam took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, he revealed that he went shopping for some hiking clothes. Soon, he’s going on a bit of an adventure and he needed some good boots and attire. Hazel suggested that he gets some of those pants that unzip and become shorts. Well, fans know that the quints love shopping. Blayke also went along but she and Hazel got distracted.

OutDaughtered Twins Ava And Lulu Shun The Fun
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

The OutDaughtered dad discovered that someone else in the store took along a cat. So, they knelt down and petted it. Quickly making friends with the feline, it looked like fun for the kids. However, when Adam asked Lulu if she wanted to pet the cat, she didn’t look up from her phone. Instead, she simply shook her head. Meanwhile, Ava looked unimpressed and said “no.”

Why Don’t The Twins Like Cats?

Clearly, the OutDaughtered twins are more alike than just in similar looks. Adam explained to his TLC fans that both of them are actually “allergic to cats.” Did you know that? You might gave seen that Adam made a commercial about allergies. It featured Riley and the product called Claritin. Useful for hay fever, Cat World notes that it’s also quite effective for cats who suffer from allergies as well.

Now you know why Adam and Danielle Busby don’t have any cats at home. Instead, they have Gus and Beaux dog at home.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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