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Sister Wives Fans React To Meri Brown’s Pride Month Post

Sister Wives Fans React To Meri Brown’s Pride Month PostSister Wives star Meri Brown long ago got over her shock when her daughter Mariah came out. At the time a lot of TLC fans slapped at her for making it more about herself than her only child. You might recall, that she cried and blamed herself for not spotting what she felt should have been obvious. Meanwhile, Kody didn’t really object and mentioned that as a polygamist, he understands prejudice. On June 2, 2022, Meri shared a post about pride month and fans on Reddit reacted to it.

Sister Wives Star Mariah Brown Fought For Pride Rights

Way back in September of 2020, Mariah faced some heat from TLC fans for attending some of the riots and speeches for transgender rights. When trolls accused her of being a “snowflake,” and a pretend “revolutionary,” she hit back at them. In her response, she told her followers that she felt upset because her “rights are taken away daily.”

Sister Wives fans who follow Audrey Kriss and Mariah know that they changed over the years. In fact, Audrey recently revealed top surgery. Well, over the years, Meri also adapted to their lifestyle choice. In fact, her posts these days are strongly supportive and woe betide any critic who says anything bad on her Instagram posts.

Sister Wives Star Meri Posts A Familiar Pride Month Photo

On June 2 this year, Kodyl’s first wife posted up exactly the same photo that she used last year to celebrate Pride Month. In 2021, she posted it up on June 22. Whilst the message is similar, TLC fans think that she grew as a person considerably since then. In 2021, she spoke about not understanding “the pain, conflict, or struggle the LGBTQ community may feel.”

Additionally, she said at the end. “I will just love. I will support,” and “I will have your back.” And this year she said almost the exact same thing: “I will always defend their right as human beings to be treated like human beings. I will support, I will love, I will defend.”

Sister Wives Fans React To Meri Browns Pride Month Post
Meri Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star didn’t totally copy-paste the entire message, but it reaffirmed her stand in supporting the gay community. This year, she also said, “What a different world this would be if we could accept the fact that we all have different beliefs, we love different, we live different, we look different. That’s what makes life and living interesting, the uniqueness of each of us!”

TLC Fans React On Reddit

Sister Wives fans reacted on Instagram, but over on Reddit, it seems that they feel able to more freely express their thoughts. On the r/TLCSisterwives subreddit, one follower noted, “I think that this shows tremendous growth in Meri! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m really glad that it seems like Meri & Mariah have mended their relationship and that Meri is supportive of Mariah and Audrey. What great progress!”

Another approving user commented, “I love seeing this growth from Meri! Like others, I’m also pleased that while she claims allyship, she says she doesn’t know everything and is open to asking questions and continuing to learn and grow. What an awesome and supportive post. Sounds truer and more genuine than lots of “pride” posts I’ve seen floating around.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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