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Little People Big World: Fans react to Audrey Roloff’s Tips On Parenting

Little People Big World: Fans react to Audrey Roloff's Tips On ParentingFormer TLC star, Audrey Roloff from the popular Little People Big World, recently gave some parenting tips. However, they were quite horrified by her statements. 

You see in the past, Audrey Rollof has been known for putting her children in adverse situations. In one photo, her kids, Ember and Bode were caught playing in front of a fireplace without barriers or doors.

At another time, she posted a photo of her baby, Radley, covered in a thick blanket that didn’t meet safe sleep guidelines. Not to mention the time when she rubbed her baby’s face with essential oils. Indeed, fans were not happy about that. 

And now, what she said recently about parenting received a strong public response. So what was she suggesting?

Audrey’s Parenting Tips

Now, Audrey has two different social media accounts on Instagram. The first one is her main page while the second one is used to promote and sell Young Living essential oils.

On her business page, Audrey shared some info about a new product released from her affiliated company. It was quite harmful. 

It looks like she just got a new product from the company. According to her, this new essential oil product is recommended for Parents who have just recently started introducing their child to solids.

Little People Big World: Fans react to Audrey Roloff's Tips On Parenting

Using her baby as the test subject, she showed her fans how she applied the oil. “Just a few swirls round the belly button,” she said.

On another note, she mentioned that she uses essential oil diffusers in the children’s room. 

LPBW: Fans React To Audrey’s Recommendation

A fan page on Reddit has been discussing Audrey’s recent post. Most of her fans are freaked out by her idea. While many fans commented that this was another fake product released by her affiliated company, others felt that this was not a good suggestion. 

So what do you think about her suggestion? Considering what she has done so far with her kids, did she have the right to advise any parent? Let us know your thoughts.

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