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Is Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Self-Inflicting Torture?

Is Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Self-Inflicting Torture?Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premieres on June 6, and TLC fans begin to suspect that all the red flags between Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are her own fault. Initially, when someone suggested that, they got slammed. However, after some thought, a lot of them agreed that her torture seems self-inflicted.

Seeking Sister Wife – Dannielle Merrifield Went Through Hell

Danielle and her husband Garrick married ten years before he decided that God wanted him to take in multiple wives. In Season 3, fans saw that they filed for divorce so he could bring Roberta into the USA.

Clearly, the divorce and the potential new wife were hard for Dannielle who cried a lot. Even worse, they flew to Mexico to discuss a wedding but then Garrick decided he wanted to make a baby with Roberta.

Seeking Sister Wife fans hated it when they saw Dannielle, who is clearly devoted to her husband, sitting at the hotel, knowing that rumpy-pumpy went down. At the time, plenty of fans offered their support to Garrick’s ex. After all, they fully understood why she felt jealous and insecure.

Almost nobody slammed her and most people flocked to hate on Garrick. However, new teasers reveal that some fans feel less sympathy for her this time around.

Some Seeking Sister Wife Fans Think The Torute Is Self-Inflicted

On June 1, TLC dropped a new teaser. Once again, it showed the couple with Ramona. As usual, Dannielle Merrifield looked distraught, ripped apart, and very emotional. It came when she said in her confessional, that they all went looking for a wedding venue for Garrick and Roberta. So, that made Danielle feel terribly emotional about their past.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Self-Inflicting Torture
TLC / Instagram

While the Seeking Sister Wife star claimed she already worked through insecurity and jealousy, fans saw that  Dannielle Merrifield sounded very far from that. Hearing her confessional, Garrick arrived with Riebrta and they talked with her. Then he made her read where she’d said that she was “in a very dark place.”

For fans, that was a heartbreaking scene and some of them slammed him for it. However, others felt That Dannellie actually encouraged the whole situation. Why is that?

Not All Garrick’s Red-Flagging?

When one fan suggested in the comments, “nah, this is on her, not the husband,” some Seeking Sister Wife fans slammed the idea. They argued that he is the one putting her through hell and torture.

Nevertheless, others picked up the thought and ran with it. Another fan questioned, “Why are u torturing yourself?? Leave him!!!”

This comment also arrived: “It’s unnecessary and it’s self inflicted.”

What do you think? Do you think that if she stood up to Garrick she might put an end to it once and for all? The fact that she goes along with multiple marriages and seems to self-destruct does come across as a choice. Do you agree? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC show right now. Come back here often for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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