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Judges Set Conditions For Josh Duggar’s Supervised Release After Prison Time

Judges Set Conditions For Josh Duggar's Supervised Release After Prison TimeWith a heavy heart,  Fans of the popular reality TV Show 19 Kids & Counting witnessed a painful event. Josh Duggar, who’s a co-star in this show, was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison. More details were also released concerning Josh’s future.  

The judge stated that when he comes out of prison, there were certain conditions he had to follow to ensure that he doesn’t repeat the same behaviour.

Why Josh Duggar Was Sentenced To Prison

Josh was arrested last for having and keeping child pornography. The Eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was found guilty in December and now he’s going to be behind bars for more than a decade. 

In addition, he was also asked to pay a fine of $50,100. At the time of this writing, Josh will soon be transferred to a federal prison facility. But that’s not all. There are many rules he has to follow when he eventually gets out of prison.

Josh Duggar Needs To Meet These Conditions Once He Gets Out Of Prison

Sources revealed that after he does time, Josh Duggar will be given a supervised release. There were rules he had to follow during this period and the judge confirmed that these rules were not normal. 

For instance, Josh would have no “unsupervised”  contact with minors. Secondly, he must seek approval from the U.S probation office before he attends an event where minors are present. 

Unfortunately, Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, and his children are not excluded from these “special” conditions. Josh would not be allowed to own or have access to a computer. He was also denied access to any electronic device that has the internet or can store photos. 

Judges Set Conditions For Josh Duggar's Supervised Release After Prison Time

Before using any of these digital gadgets, Josh has to seek approval from the U.S probation office. Josh will also have to pay for internet-monitoring software on any device approved by the government. 

He was prohibited from watching pornography entirely and he was also required to complete a sex offense-specific treatment program. He was prohibited from using or distributing marijuana products and other controlled substances.

Failure to adhere to these “special” conditions would lead to severe consequences.

What do you guys think about these untypical conditions given to Josh Duggar? Let us know in the comment section below.

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