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Fans React To Anna Duggar’s Comment Concerning Her Husband

Fans React To Anna Duggar's Comment Concerning Her HusbandAnna Duggar, the former star of the reality TV show, Counting On, has expressed her indifference concerning what her husband, Josh Duggar did. Fans are unhappy with her attitude towards the whole situation after learning what her husband did.

Josh Actions Sent Him To Prison

Duggar fans have been saddened that one of their favorite characters, Josh Duggar, would be going to prison. He would be spending 151 months in jail because he was found guilty of child pornography charges. Very soon, he’ll be transferred to a  federal prison facility.

Now Josh has been a bad boy for a long time. He was caught with different accounts on Ashley Madison, a popular dating site years ago. It was also reported that he molested his sisters while he was a teenager. So, as you can see, he has a track record of having his way with women.

Anna Duggar’s Response Didn’t Go Well With The Fans

On a post on Reddit, fans have been observing Anna’s character since her husband was convicted. 

During this discussion, a user commented on the first season of the show. In Episode 2 when asked about her view concerning her husband’s molestation, she just shrugged her shoulders and described it as a “teenage wrong choice.”

Fans React To Anna Duggar's Comment Concerning Her Husband

Many fans feel that she’s trying to downplay her husband’s actions. She wanted to make it seem as if it was not a big deal when it was more than that.

At the moment, Anna hasn’t said anything concerning her husband’s recent charges with child pornography. It’s not certain that she would make a statement anytime soon. However, many fans feel that she may also act biased and defend her husband.

So, what do you guys think about this? Do you think Anna made the best decision by siding with her husband? Kindly share with us.

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