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Sister Wives  Fans React To Kody Brown’s Aggressive Dancing

Sister Wives  Fans React To Kody Brown's Aggressive DancingFans of the popular TLC series, Sister Wives may not like Kody Brown for many reasons. Generally, Kody is known for his biased nature. He normally plays favourites with his wives and often ignores his adult children. The list of Kody’s bad characters is getting longer each season.

Although the next season isn’t out yet, many fans are already expecting the worst from Kody. It seems as if the fans of the show now know Kody’s true character.

Kody And His High-Pressure Tendencies

Every fan of the show has their own opinions about the Brown family. Kody’s aggressive character has been observed in various situations. However, in this case, fans took note of his approach to dancing.

A Reddit user recently posted a video clip of Kody and Robyn dancing. In this 24-second clip, fans saw Kody spinning Robyn on the dance floor.

“Ewwww, is this real? Looks like awkward sim-dancing. So completely uncoordinated, so unromantic, so crass! Much like the man himself,” One Reddit user replied.

“That’s how the kindergartners dance on the playground at my kid’s school,” another wrote.

“Right!? And they probably think they’re so great at it. Really people were watching because it’s embarrassing,” another user replied.

Sister Wives  Fans React To Kody Brown's Aggressive Dancing

“I was thinking to myself… who the hell dances like that and what woman would find that appealing? Here we have it! Kody dances like that and Robyn loves it for whatever reason,” someone else wrote.

On another note, many fans of the show wondered if Robyn was pregnant due to the way she looks at the moment. Others also commented on the fact that Kody hardly danced with the rest of his wives.

If you’re opportune to watch the clip, please tell us what you think in the comment section below. Is Kody Brown a good dancer? Tell us about it.

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