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Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra Looks Different In His Photo

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra Looks Different In His PhotoFans of the reality TV show, Unexpected, met Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra during the fourth season of the show. At 15, Myrka and Cantu were expecting their first child. Following the normal route for most teenage pregnancies, the couple broke up after their first child, Attalie was born.

Unexpected: Would Ethan Be Joining The Next Season?

As the story goes, Ethan’s new girlfriend is pregnant with his second child.  Unfortunately, in this case, she doesn’t want to keep it. Rumor has it that Ethan was begging her to reconsider and there were also some leaked conversations about the issue. This news was revealed by Myrka. It seems Ethan’s new girlfriend would be considering her options as Myrka also revealed that Ethan doesn’t provide for her daughter. This news caused a quarrel between the separated couple before they settled. That said, let’s get to the news we’ve all been waiting for.

Ethan’s New Look

Ethan was a baby-faced teenager when we last saw him on the show. A lot has changed since then. This week he shared a photo on Instagram to prove that he’s all grown up. This was a series of photos from a professional photo studio.

These photos raised a lot of questions on a fan page. Many people acknowledged that the chubby boy we once knew, looked “fine as h*ll”. Others commented on the fact that he has enough money for himself but not for his kid. Even Myrka had something to say about his thirsty photos.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra Looks Different In His Photo

Myrka Finally Reacts To The Photos Of Her Ex

Amidst the thirsty comments given by his fans, Myrka wasn’t having any of it. Using a shady remark left by a fan, she also expressed her dissatisfaction with her ex’s new look.  Want to see the photos for yourself? Click here and leave a comment on what you think about them.

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