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Judge Denies Request For Second Trial for Josh Duggar

Judge Denies Request For Second Trial for Josh DuggarFrom the way things are going, Josh Duggar would be going to Jail. The Judge in charge of his case has officially denied his request for a new trial. 

The co-star in the former TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting filed a motion for a new trial after his November 30 trial. A  sentence would be passed today 25, May.

Josh Duggar’s Current Predicament

The Eldest son of the Duggars was arrested under the charges of child pornography in the spring of 2021. 

Later that year in November 2021, he went to trial and he was found guilty in December. While awaiting a sentence, Josh Duggar may be behind bars for 20 years. 

Following the trial, the defense motioned for acquittal but it was denied by the judge. Josh Duggar’s defense filed another motion for a new trial. No response was received until now.

A New Trial Denied By The Judge

A day before Josh’s sentence, the request for a second trial was denied by Judge T. L. Brooks. 

The reason for the acquittal was this:  Josh Duggars’ defense claimed that there was no proof that he opened the downloaded files. But Judge Brooks wasn’t taking any of that. 

Judge Denies Request For Second Trial for Josh Duggar

According to him, the claims made by the defense lacked merit. He further explained that there were ample pieces of evidence that the suspect viewed the images of the child porn sent to his business computer. 

Further evidence proved that what Judge Brooks said was true. So, it’s been decided. Josh won’t be getting another chance to clear his name. 

The court’s judgment would be passed today and we hope for nothing but the best for Duggars’ eldest son.

Tell us, how did you take the news when you found out about Josh’s arrest? Were you happy about the judges’ decision? 

Please let us know in the comment section below. Josh’s trial is today and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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