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Josh Duggar Rumors: New Charges Under Investigation?

Judge Denies Request For Second Trial for Josh DuggarJosh Duggar was sentenced for one count of receipt of child pornography, and the possession, a lower charge, was discounted. While some people hoped for more prison time, he’ll be locked up for a long time. Even after his 12 -year incarceration, he will be supervised. Is that the end? Or, will there be more investigations? Rumor has it that it’s not beyond probability.

Josh Duggar Rumors – Anonymous Sources Are Not Fact

It’s important to note that the current rumors about further investigations cannot be called fact. After all, there’s no way for the reader to check out the veracity of an anonymous source. So, this article should not be taken as factual news. The new rumors originated via Instagrammer, Katie Joy Of Without A Crystal Ball.

Josh Duggar was discussed by Katie in two posts. In the second one, she noted, “The source we are speaking to is verified, has provided us proof of their relationship with the Duggars.” Furthermore, she noted that they also provided “evidence for their claims.” Katie also told her fans in the first post, “Please make sure to take this with a grain of salt.” Probably, she added that because she cannot reveal the identity of the source. Actually, her source might be almost anyone in the social circle around the TLC stars.

Josh Duggar Could Be Investigated Again?

One serious allegation by the source alleged that “the investigators believe that [Anna and Josh’s] kids have likely been harmed by [their dad.]” Then another rumor sprang up. They reportedly told Katie, “the photograph the Feds took of Josh’s hands is because there is allegedly suspicion that Josh was also creating the content.” Allegedly, “the photo will help them identify him in the future if he produced content.”

Josh Duggar Rumors New Charges Under Investigation
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram – Post One and Two

More followed about Anna, who still seems to stand by her husband Josh Duggar. Of course, she reportedly believes someone else committed the crime. Additionally, at one point stories emerged that Anna refused to allow her children to be examined. So, Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting fans naturally wonder why.

Dangerous Allegations

It seems that Katie Joy is being careful to use the word “allegedly” when talking about these allegations against Josh Duggar. As they seem quite extreme, it’s understandable. In fact, she assured fans that they should expect denial from the family.

The hardest-hitting allegation by the anonymous source noted: “the Feds allegedly suspect Josh produced CSAM.” So, that raises the possibility of “an investigation on-going for Josh related to production/distribution.”

Taking The TLC Alum Off The Streets?

Furthermore, the current jail sentence is suspected to be “a way to get Josh off the streets while the bigger crimes are investigated.”

Notably, the information remains just a rumor at this point in time. Going forward, if any clarification arrives, we will notify our readers. What are your thoughts? Do you think there’s any truth in an ongoing investigation? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the former TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more news and updates about Josh Duggar.

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