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Sister Wives: Fans Compare Kody Brown To A Sitcom Character

Sister Wives: Fans Compare Kody Brown To A Sitcom CharacterSince the beginning of the popular TLC series, Sister wives, Kody has been a star of the show.  That said, a lot of things have changed since the show started. Fans have started comparing Kody to another TV character.

It’s been 16 seasons. Viewers of the reality TV show have seen how Kody Developed from a family man to a shadow of his former self. 

When the show started, Kody was known to be a jovial person. But that was a long time ago.

A fan posted a comment on a Reddit fan page saying that Kody has changed a lot. According to the user, during the first season, Kody reminded them of a popular character from The Office.

Meeting Kody Brown On Sister Wives

When the first season of the Sister Wives premiered, organizers of the show were trying to make things work for the show. 

However, after 16 seasons, it seems like the organizers now have a clear path before them. At first, the characters looked and acted oddly. However as time went on, they got a hang of it. 

Still speaking on the popular character from The Office, the Reddit fan said Kody reminded him of Michael Scott. According to the user, Kody thinks he’s a funny character. And he’s not. 

The user further stated that back then, Kody seemed to lack self-awareness.

Many users on that Reddit thread agreed with the OP.

Sister Wives: Fans Compare Kody Brown To A Sitcom Character

The Sister Wives: Then And Now

Kody’s family has been drifting away for years now. At first, everyone tried to make the polygamous relationship work but when Robyn came into the picture, everything changed. 

Kody forgot the two wives and only focused on Robyn. Eventually, one of his wives, Christine Brown, had to leave.

From the looks of it, the other wives may be following the same route very soon. 

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