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Did My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Shade Skinny Women?

Did My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Shade Skinny Women?My Big Fat Fabulous Life features a larger-than-average woman named Whitney Way Thore. When she started off, she seemed to be very much about body positivity. However, it’s become more of a manhunt. Still, she of all people would know that body-shaming isn’t really very nice at all. So, fans wondered if she just shaded skinny women.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Way Thore Goes To The islands

Last season, TLC fans saw that Whitney went off to Paris. Much like this year, she actually dropped spoilers ahead of the show. So, when they saw her with her faceless Frenchman it was no surprise. Now that she and Lennie and others visit the islands, they see a lot of posts about it. So, yes, you will see it in the upcoming season of the show.

Some My Big Fat Fabulous Life life fans think that the show doesn’t reveal much that’s actually  “fabulous.” If the main star isn’t grumpy or crying, she’s hard on her friends and chases away boyfriends as fast as they arrive. But one thing that keeps fans coming back, is the fact that she is larger than average. So many people experience the same thing, that they look to her as a role model. However, perceived body-shaming by her got a lot of poor reactions

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Boasts About More Men

While it looks like Whitney and Lennie might get back together, spoilers come along that suggests she might meet someone else on a fabulous island. Taking to her main Instagram page this week, she shared a video set to the music of “Ravi SookhooBone is for Dog, Meat is for Man (feat. Vedesh Sookoo).”

Did My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Shade Skinny Women
Whitney Way Thore / Instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans not familiar with the song might not know that it says, “I want to marry a fat woman.” Then in her caption, Whitney wrote, “No shade to thin women…but here on the island, I’m up to 12 marriage proposals and counting 🙃 🌴 🌊.” And that upset a lot of folks who thought that she did shade thinner women.

Did The TLC Star Throw Shade?

Some My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans felt that Whitney didn’t actually shade thin women. But for others, it seemed hurtful. One follower wrote, “I think just mentioning it may be a lil shade girl 😂.”

Another irritated fan penned, “I did listen to the song. Still agree. Unnecessary.”

Meanwhile, anger mounted as evidenced by this comment: “actually society let’s ppl get away with skinny shaming more than fat shaming because they think that it’s ok to shame ppl that are super skinny… Turn the tables and imagine me posting saying no hate to bigger women but your meat is for the dogs and my bones are what a man would want.”

They added, “We can be positive about one body type without shaming the other.” So, they referenced, “It’s rare I see super skinny women shaming bigger girls but it’s very often I see bigger girls uplifting themselves by being mean to the super skinny girls.”

What are your thoughts? Do, you think that Whitney shaded skinny women? Sound off in the comments below.

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