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Sister Seeking Wife: Fans Are Angry With Danielle Merrifield

Sister Seeking Wife: Fans Are Angry With Danielle MerrifieldIt’s no news that Danielle Merrifield, the popular reality TV star in Sister Seeking Wife, and her husband, Garrick are now divorced. However, both parties said they were still in a relationship. 

This was quite confusing as they never shared any of their ‘couple’ photos on social media. With the new season coming up in a few weeks, are disturbed with what’s going on.

The Messy Divorce

Fans were surprised when Garrick and Danielle shared their plans to divorce in the last season of the show. 

At first, the couple opted for polygamy. They made contact with a Brazilian named Roberta. On meeting in Mexico,  the trio decided to seal their relationship with an engagement.  

In time, they realized it wasn’t working out.  The couple decided to end the marriage after so many years of struggling to make it work. 

This gave Roberta a chance to come to the states if Garrick married her. Danielle, after thinking things over, decided to go back to her husband after the divorce. 

The three of them decided to meet up in Mexico again for the wedding. It was at that moment Danielle knew she had lost her man.

Garrick’s Bad Behavior

From reports, Garrick behaved like a high school kid and didn’t care about Danielle’s feelings. At a point it was one-sided. Garrick only cared about what he gained from the proposed marriage. 

He barely talked to her when they got home and when the pandemic hit, he and Roberta had other plans. They decide to avoid the wedding and give birth to a baby. This was where the season ended.

Sister Seeking Wife: Fans Are Angry With Danielle Merrifield

SSW Season 4: Fans Are Not Happy With Merrifield’s Indecisiveness

So, after the whole drama, one would think Merrifield would leave Garrick to face his issues. This wasn’t the case. 

With the fourth season on the way, Merrifield posted a picture of Garrick and she said that she was grateful to have him in her life. Fans were not happy with this. It was too much to swallow. 

They felt so bad for Merrifield and wondered why they were still together. 

So what do you think about this? Do you think she’s making the right decision by fighting for her marriage? Drop your comments below.

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