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Amy Duggar Openly Writes to Anna Duggar, Begging Her To Divorce Josh

Amy Duggar Openly Writes to Anna Duggar, Begging Her To Divorce JoshWell, no other way to say it, there is absolutely no need to mince words here, I mean, someone had to say it, and who better than your family?

Amy Duggar is Josh Duggar’s cousin from his father’s side, and that makes Anna Duggar, Amy’s cousin-in-law. So, following the recent events in the Duggar family especially Josh Duggar who was arrested for being in possession of child pornography, Amy wrote an open letter to her cousin Anna on Instagram, pleading with her to see reasons why Anna should divorce her husband Josh.

Amy Duggar — Amy’s Letter To Anna Duggar

Being that Anna is the mother of seven beautiful children, Amy saw that as a valid enough reason for Anna to consider leaving Josh for good.

In case you don’t get it, Josh Duggar’s crime is not only that he was in possession of child pornography, Josh while in his teen was charged for molesting five underage girls, four of which were his biological sisters.

While Anna was married to Josh, Josh opened a fake account with the name Ashley Madison and cheated on Anna multiple times with the account before he was caught.

So many other atrocities were committed by Josh both before and after marrying Anna, infidelity being at the very top, if Anna is looking for a valid reason to divorce Josh, infidelity should be it.

However, divorce is highly prohibited in the Duggars Dynasty as they believe it to be a sin. But, there is a case of repetition and increase in the style of crime.

These and more are what Amy knew, hence her writing to Anna, the letter reads:

“Anna, I feel for you. No woman wants to be in your shoes,” wrote Amy alongside a photo of her and Anna hugging.

“You’re faced with an impossible decision and you’re being surrounded by the wrong kind of support. You’ve been taught since you were a child that marriage is forever and you prayed for God to send you a partner. You’ve constructed a life and a family with him. You didn’t choose any of this, and your kids certainly didn’t either.”

Amy, of course, is referring here to Josh Duggar, who was convicted in December on two counts of child sex abuse.

A jury of the former reality star’s peers determined that Josh had downloaded sexually graphic videos and photos of children under the age of 12.

He’ll be sentenced to federal prison on May 25 and Amy partly wrote this lengthy message in response to a letter Anna recently sent to a judge… in which she labeled her spouse a “devoted family man” and asked for a lenient sentence.

Amy noted in the message that “I’m not coming after you with some tough love sort of thing” and assured her cousin that “this is what’s simply on my heart and I can’t help but to express it.”

She then cited the aforementioned letter, along with others submitted this spring to the judge who will decide how many years Josh spends behind bars.

“I cried as I read the letter your own father wrote in support of your husband this week,” Amy went on. “It’s no wonder you’re struggling to know what to do to protect your own kids … you’ve obviously never had an example there. That’s awful and I’m so sorry for that.”

“If no one else in your life is saying it, I need you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh,” Amy emphasized in her note. “Someday your kids will be old enough to understand what kind of guy their father really is. You can’t protect them from the truth for forever!”

Amy Duggar Openly Writes to Anna Duggar, Begging Her To Divorce Josh

Amy continued in her message, once again bringing up Anna’s children as follows:

“I’m saying all of this publicly so that when they do grow up, they will also know that they had family members shouting from the rooftops that they were worth protecting all along. Your children look up to you so much… Please be the role model they need in their life.”

Amy, who shares a son named Dax with her husband Dillon, wrote that she and her spouse are “more than willing to help” Anna move forward, adding:

“Josh has chosen how history will remember him. By staying and supporting him you’re allowing him to choose that for you, too. And I know standing up to all of this seems impossible now, but as a Mama, your instinct to protect your kids always has to be stronger than your fear. The only people you would upset by leaving are the ones willing to sacrifice you and your children’s safety to protect Josh and his secrets.”

Amy Duggar — Seems Like Anna Won’t Be Divorcing Josh Anytime Soon

By all accounts, Anna has no plans to divorce Josh — despite this conviction and despite Josh confessing to infidelity back in 2015.

Anna and Josh got married in 2008 and share seven kids: Mackynzie (born October 2009), Michael (June 2011), Marcus (June 2013), Meredith (July 2015), Mason (September 2017), and Maryella (November 2019) Madyson Lilly (born October 2021).

Anna Duggar has said next to nothing in public since her husband was taken into custody, but several outlets just obtained the letter she wrote to the aforementioned judge in March.

The letter reads: “My children and I rely on Joshua for financial, emotional, and physical support. Many others depend on Joshua, too. Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk alongside them to help make their dreams a reality.”

For her part, Amy went off on a Twitter rampage in response to these words from Anna, not to mention similar words of support from Michelle Duggar.

“First of all Josh is funny, charismatic, kind and all the things my aunt listed in the letter,” she wrote last week on social media. But there’s a sinister side. A side to him that makes your skin crawl. You can’t ignore what he did years ago, and what he was caught looking at! Are they delusional?”

Amy, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar, has been estranged from nearly all of the Duggars for years. She mostly avoided the press and the spotlight, however, until Josh got arrested a year ago. Since then, Amy has been unable to remain silent, considering the serious nature of Josh’s crimes and the reaction from his parents and a few other loved ones.

At various times, Amy has trashed Josh as “evil,” as a “monster” and has said he deserves to receive the ultimate sentence of at least 20 years.

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