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Little People Big World Video Shows Matt Roloff Knew His Kids Would Not Get Farm

Little People Big World Video Shows Matt Roloff Knew His Kids Would Not Get FarmIt seems as if the Little People Big World star Matt Roloff knew beforehand that his kids would not be getting the farm. 

Judging from a newly resurfaced video, the Rollof family might have known about his decision a long time ago.

Was Matt Roloff Aware That None of His Kids Will Get The Farm?

A one-minute video on Reddit showing the previous season of Little People Big World has resurfaced. In this video, we can see the Rollof Family discussing the future of the farm.

In this video, Tori and Zach Rollof were not happy about Matt’s decision. Selling the farm would be a “shame” according to them. 

Tori further explained in the video that it would take a lot to get her upset. However, in this case, she explained that she might not be very happy if Matt put the farm on sale. 

Amy tried to reiterate the fact that Matt would have to “let go” of the farm but it’s still unclear if he wants to do this. 

At the moment, Matt still hasn’t decided to hand over the farm to his children. Rather, it’s now on sale for someone else to purchase.

Little People Big World Video Shows Matt Roloff Knew His Kids Would Not Get Farm

LPBW Season 23: What To Expect

Trailers of the new season have shown that the family still hasn’t settled their land disputes. This argument is quite similar to what was said years ago in the old clip. 

The preview for the upcoming season has shown that Matt’s decision to sell the farm is driving the whole family apart.

So what’s your take on this? Do you feel that Matt is making the right decision? Do you feel that his children could get the farm? Or do you doubt that it might happen? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

  1. […] When Zach was asked about his own feelings about all of this, he said that he wasn’t going to cry over his childhood home being sold. He pointed out that he has his own family to worry about and it does sting a little bit, but he can’t really dwell on it. He does wish that the selling process would have been part of the family first, but he knows what he has to do in order to make his family healthy and safe. […]

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  3. […] Amy took the time to share with her fans and family how she is feeling about these issues between her son and ex. She posted on Instagram, “I don’t know a lot of the details of the negotiation that went on between Zach and Matt. Matt is still the father, still ‘the adult’. I don’t care how old your kids are, sometimes there are things they may need to learn, but you know as an adult, as a father, you may have to take the higher road.” […]

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