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Mama June Admits To Living In Fear After Dumping Her Ex

Mama June Admits To Living In Fear After Dumping Her ExWith the latest release of the new season on Mama June: Road To Redemption, many fans are quite expectant. The journey has been very stressful for the beautiful lady.

Mama June Runs For Her Life

Mama June’s family acted indifferently when she started dating Geno Doak. They weren’t crazy about their relationship and as it turns out, her fans didn’t care too. They eventually broke up but it wasn’t on peaceful terms.

Mama June revealed that she had to stay away from the public for a while. Her ex-boyfriend, Geno, couldn’t handle himself and stick to his sobriety. 

He became very toxic, and it got to a point that June was afraid of talking to her daughter Lauryn. She feared that Geno wouldn’t like it so she had to reduce her conversations.

June Nearly Ended The Show Because Of Geno

During the season premiere, the production crew revealed that June went AWOL and couldn’t communicate with the team. She was so desperate to stay away from Geno. 

In the latest episode, she said that Geno doesn’t know where she is and she would love to keep it that way. Concerning how she left, she said Geno came home drunk and he passed out. 

She knew at that moment that she had to leave. She packed a bag full of important items and left with an Uber.

Mama June Admits To Living In Fear After Dumping Her Ex

Many fans had hoped that they’ll get to see the part where June would have to focus on her family without a man. Unfortunately, the family matriarch is no longer single.

June’s New Man

Mama June is now with Justin Stroud. While her fans may be happy for her, they still show concern for this new relationship of hers. 

Justin has a criminal history and has spent some time in jail over drug-related offenses. After leaving Geno, her fans hoped she found someone better. But it doesn’t look like it. 

There have been lots of rumors concerning their engagement but her fans would get to know as more episodes are released.

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