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90 Day Fiance Star Steven Frend Suggests Baby Formula Solution

90 Day Fiance Star Steven Frend Suggests Baby Formula Solution90 Day Fiance stars Steven Frend and his wife Olga Koshimbetiva announced the happy news that they expect a second child. In fact, they are just one couple out of many with baby news in 2022. Meanwhile, a baby formula shortage in the USA sits on the minds of many parents in the USA. So, Steven shared a solution that was suggested on Twitter.

90 Day Fiance Star Steven Frend, Olga, And Others Welcome Babies

2022 seems to bring a lot of babies to the stars in the TLC franchise. Lots of them currently live in the USA like Steven and Olga. Others like Australian Ash Naeck might thank their lucky stars that they live overseas. After all, it seems that the current baby formula shortage seems to hit the USA the hardest. Steven took the time from a busy schedule to talk about it on Instagram Stories this week.

TLC fans should be mindful that Steven Frend isn’t the same Steven who appeared in 90 Day Fiance The Other Way’s Season 3 with Alina. Mind you, at one stage he was also labeled a villain. However, Olga’s Steven turned things around by sorting out their relationship and starting a modeling career. Plus, he won a lot of kudos for remaining a great dad to their son, Richie Alex, even during the bad times.

90 Day Fiance – Steven Mentions A Solution For Baby Formula Shortage

Steven Frend, along with tens of thousands of other people, visit Twitter to look for ideas on the baby formula shortage. When he found one that was posted by multiple people, he decided to share the good news. Apparently, it is still available in Canada and folks can find it on Amazon. The tweet that he shared said that if people go on Amazon and change their region to Canada, they can get it shipped in.

90 Day Fiance Star Steven Frend Suggests Baby Formula Solution
moneybaggJO – Twitter via Steven Frend / Instagram Stories

90 Day Fiance fans might have seen that a few days ago, The Globe and Mail also suggested that the formula shortage isn’t affecting Canadians so badly. Mind you, on Twitter, a lot of folks bemoan the fact there also seems to be plenty of the essential baby food available in Mexico. But is the Amazon trick really working?

Is Canada Not Having Issues?

90 Day Fiance folks like Steven Frend might find that some folks are starting to experience problems with obtaining the product from Canada.

When Becky Harris posted about it on Twitter, one follower said, My family is near Vancouver BC, and we are already having major delays ordering our life-sustaining formula online. It’s even more difficult for Indigenous parents living on reservations. We can all take care of each other without panic buying.

What are your thoughts about Steven’s suggestion that he shared on Instagram? Do you fear that panic buying might also bring baby formula shortages to Canada? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC franchise right now. Come back here often for more 90 Day Fiance spoilers, news, and updates.

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