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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Has A Major Tech Fail During Livestreaming

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Has A Major Tech Fail During LivestreamingSister Wives star Meri Brown and her friend Jenn Sullivan hold their Fridays With Friends Livestream almost every weekend. TLC fans enjoy it because they laugh and joke around. Don’t expect to hear any spoilers for the show though. This weekend, the two ladies amused fans when they had a major tech fail.

Sister Wives – Sometimes Meri Annoys TLC fans On Livestream

While most fans really enjoy the banter between Kody’s first wife and Jenn Sullivan, she gets some criticism. Actually, when she first started the show, she told her fans that she would not be talking about the show and the other cast members. So, some folks were unhappy when she seemingly dissed Christine’s new cooking show.

Another time that fans were a bit shocked by Friday With Friends, came when they suspected that Meri was drunk. The Sister Wives star reacted by sharing a cryptic post that indicated that Meri doesn’t need alcohol to have fun. Additionally, it fired at those who always think negative thoughts. However, this weekend, her fans didn’t worry about what she said as much as how she said it.

Sister Wives – Massive Tech Fail By Meri

If any fans had watched the Livestream for Mother’s Day after drinking any alcohol, they might have felt a bit nauseous. Titled “Roasting & Toasting,” fans saw the two women getting stuck into sMores by the fire. Unfortunately, the entire Livestream was sideways up. Even Jenn looked a bit woozy as she tried to talk into what was obviously a sideways screen.

Naturally, many Sister Wives fans told Meri that she looked sideways and upside down. One fan wrote, “Your sideways, (sic)” and Meri responded with, “yes I know.”

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Has A Major Tech Fail During Livestreaming
Meri Brown / Instagram

Later, another fan commented by saying, “You are upside down lol.”

This time, Meri replied by saying, “We tried a new thing, clearly it didn’t work haha!”

Well, many more similar comments went in, but some fans seemed to be very understanding.

TLC Fans Understand That Tech Isn’t Always easy

Most Sister Wives fans laughed about the tech failure, and some of them felt a bit sympathetic. After all, who hasn’t had a tech fail with videos? Actually, a  casual browse around TikTok reveals plenty of fails that could have been done way better. One loyal fan wrote, “I totally get that…love you guys!” That came after Jenn explained, “sometimes tech is hard! 😂”

What do you think of the sideways tech fail that Meri Brown experienced? Have you ever tried something new with your phone and failed horribly? Sound off in the comments below..

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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