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Love After Lockup Star Doug Howard Pleads Guilty Ahead Of Sentencing

Love After Lockup Star Doug Howard Pleads Guilty Ahead Of SentencingLove After Lockup star Rachel really seemed to like hanging with bad boys like Doug Howard. Well, it wasn’t long before she accused him of cheating on her and they split. As predicted by her family, he was bad news and he ended up arrested again. Now, he opted to plead guilty to his crimes and he awaits his sentencing.

Love After Lockup: Rachel And Doug Howard Ended Things

Doug’s family persisted in telling Rachel that she made a mistake taking up with Doug. However, the former marine, who became an engineer wouldn’t listen. Doug has been in trouble for car theft, possessing a loaded gun, drugs, and more.

He and his sidekicks operate out of  Kalamazoo. Sadly, he also has a son, Dougie, and Rachel seemed like a life-saver for him. Fortunately, as far as fans can make out,l Rachel probably got custody of him after she split from cheating Doug.

Taking A Plea Deal On His Charges

Love After Lockup fans heard in August last year, that Doug was arrested again. Whilst fans were not surprised, it seemed that a long-term future with him was doomed. Now he pleaded guilty to running a criminal enterprise,

Starcasm reported that he took “a plea deal.” Apparently, it “will reportedly result in a prison sentence between 7 and 24 years.”

The outlet reported that the Instagram account of Merrypants reported the details of the plea deal.

Love After Lockup Deal And Sentencing For Doug

The admin shared a screenshot of his case. Then, in the caption, they noted, “He’s finally taken the plea deal. With all charges but one ‘criminal enterprise first degree’ dropped, he faces 7 to 24 years.” Additionally, “The plea deal included charges faced in the other county, to be served concurrently.”

Love After Lockup Star Doug Howard Pleads Guilty Ahead Of Sentencing
Merrypants / Instagram

The Love After Lockup star appears in court for his “sentencing… in July.” WETV Fans think that Dougie Howard gets his just desserts. So, they hope for the maximum sentence. Actually, many of them seem very angry because his actions affect his son Dougie. Also, they don’t appreciate a guy who seems determined to live a life of crime.

WETV Fans Comment On The Post

Love After Lockup fans took to the comments section and one of them said, “Hopefully he gets 24 years.”

Then another fan wrote, “His bad attitude was one big red flag!”

Meanwhile, some fans talked about young Dougie. A follower noted, “Poor kid. Dad showing him he doesn’t give a shit enough to stay straight.”

This comment also arrived: “Fingers crossed for 24 years. Give his son a fighting chance.”

Similarly, a critic opined, “I’m not surprised. He can’t stay straight. I only hope his son is still with Rachel!”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the WETV cast right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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