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What Happened To Lexie Carver On Days Of Our Lives?

What Happened To Lexie Carver On Days Of Our Lives?Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates reveals Lexie Carver (Renée Jones) was the wife of Abe Carver (James Reynolds). Lexie’s parents were international criminal, Stefano Dimera (ex-Joe Mascolo) and Celeste Perrault (Beverly Todd). However, Lexie was raised by her aunt and uncle because Celeste wanted to protect her child.

Days Of Our Lives – Abe Carver Gets A New Partner

Days Of Our Lives Lexie came to Salem in 1987 as Abe’s new partner at the Salem Police Department. Lexie is later kicked off the police force and goes to school to become a doctor. Lexie had trouble conceiving a child and Stefano stole Hope and Bo’s son from the hospital and gave him to Lexie. Lexie was kidnapped and held in the Dimera tunnels.

Lexie and Abe had one child, Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson) who is autistic. Lexie stood by Abe in his bid for Mayor of Salem. Lexie also resigned as Chief of Staff to take care of their son. Lexie later returned to the job after Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) resigned. Abe and Lexie almost left Salem in 2010 but changed their mind about moving. In 2012 it was discovered that Lexie had brain tumors caused by her time in the Dimera tunnels.

DOOL – Lexie Carter’s Cancer Is Terminal

After the initial discovery of Days of Our Lives Lexie’s tumors, further tests confirmed the tumors were terminal. Lexie wanted to do things on her bucket list before her death but she was unable to fly to Paris. Abe sets up the Horton Square to look like Paris to make Lexie’s dream come true. Lexie lived until late June when she died in Abe’s arms in the backyard. Lexie has visited her family as a ghost since her death.

What Happened To Lexie Carver On Days Of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives – Lexie Carver’s Last Appearance

Days of Our Lives Lexie’s last appearance was on October 25, 2021. Abe had been shot and flatlined during surgery. Abe was taken to a garden setting where he found Lexie and was thrilled to see her. Lexie told Abe that he had raised their son well, he says he can’t take all of the credit.

Abe and Lexie reflect on their life together and their struggle to have a child. Abe recalls how Lexie died in his arms and cannot wait to be reunited with her. Lexie tells Abe that it isn’t his time to go. Lexie assures Abe she will be waiting for him before sending him back to be with his children.

Abe hasn’t truly moved on since his time with Lexie. Abe has had a couple of serious romances but nothing that comes close to the love they shared. Will Abe find another soul mate now that Lexie is gone?

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