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Days Of Our Lives Alum Chrishell Stause SLAMS ‘Selling Sunset’ Fans: Here’s Why!

chrishell stause selling sunsetDays Of Our Lives (DOOL) alum Chrishell Stause just became the clap-back queen. And for a good reason. As a result of “Selling Sunset” fans’ reactions to the fifth season of the show, the DOOL alum has decided to stop allowing viewers to slam her. And Chrishell feels especially annoyed about accusations of bullying.

Find out how Stause responded to allegations that she behaved cruelly to her co-star Christine Quinn. And learn why she wants to challenge those claims that she has faked her nice personality. Get the latest on the Days Of Our Lives alum below.

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Fed Up With ‘Fake Nice’ Claims!

No more calling Chrishell Stause “fake nice!” The Days Of Our Lives alum has attacked “Selling Sunset” viewers for their comments on her relationship with co-star Christine Quinn. And turning to Instagram Stories, Chrishell made her anger clear, reported Us magazine.

“I just wanted to address something real quick. Every single season, I see this common thing every time that I’m actually, you know, not really nice, I’m fake nice and that I’m actually a bully or whatever,” stated the “Selling Sunset” star. But then Stause made her anger clear. 

“Here’s the thing, to all the nice girls out there, listen, you try and be nice, you try and do the right thing,” she added. And the 40-year-old real estate agent shared that she has “worked in this business a long time. I have kept so many friendships.” 

But though Chrishell emphasizes she seeks to stay professional, she urged other so-called “nice girls” not to allow their boundaries to get pushed. “I try and always be professional. At the end of the day, you don’t always have to be nice if somebody keeps pushing you and does not respect your boundaries and that is OK.”

‘Selling Sunset’ Fans SLAM Chrishell Stause

But viewers of the popular reality TV show noticed Chrishell Stause trying to steer clear of Christine Quinn. And her comments to her boyfriend at the time, Jason Oppenheim, about firing her co-star stirred up a backlash among fans. Some felt that she went too far in commenting about Christine. 

For instance, one fan wrote on Twitter, “This is probably an unpopular opinion but Chrishell has been messy. It’s scary how obsessed she is with Christine. How do you go to trying to get Jason to fire her? Then question if Chelsea even sells real estate. This sleeping with boss got to her head.”

And others shared that they felt Christine got scapegoated. However, some admitted that Quinn might not qualify as purely innocent. For example, another fan chimed in, “Not saying Christine is innocent but every single one of those girls have some issue they need to work on not just Christine. She’s being made out to be the only villain.”

But one viewer did defend the Days Of Our Lives alum. “No way y’all are calling Chrishell the villain when Christine has been bullying Chrishell since the start of the show,” wrote the soap opera star’s supporter. “Y’all are just as delusional as Christine… u expect chrishell to be chill after all that s—t Christine’s done to her?!?”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Chrishell Stause gets treated unfairly? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives and reality TV news.


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