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Teen Mom Fans Diss Farrah Abraham In Before And After Photos

Teen Mom Fans Diss Farrah Abraham In Before And After Photos

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham certainly isn’t the only person who ever made a living in the sex entertainment industry. However she is a mom, and fans fear that her behavior isn’t a great example to her daughter, Sophia. Along the way, she transformed her appearance, and fans dissed her looks when a fan page revealed before and after photos.

Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Was Sweet-Looking Teen

Whilst she wasn’t a ravishing beauty, Farrah wasn’t bad-looking as a young mom. When MTV fans met her, she was a teen with a baby and a mom who cared about her. However, not satisfied with the income from the MTV show, she entered into light porn and seemingly heavier stuff over the years. These days, she looks almost nothing like the sweet-faced teen that fans met on the show.

Since her days on Teen Mom, Farrah could almost rival Darcey Silva from the 90 Day Fiance franchise when it comes to face sculpting. Additionally, she seems to want to rival Stephanie Matto with her Farts In A Jar sales. Meanwhile, MTV fans hate her because she seems to want to be outrageous while she sets a bad example to her daughter Sophia.

Teen Mom Alum Looks Very Different After Surgery

Two photos of Farrah Abraham were stitched together and shared on the Instagram account, Teen Mom Fan Page. They also showed some photos of Sophia, but that’s another story. Captioned as “then and now,” the difference in Farrah was really obvious. Some fans felt that she looked nothing like her original self. Actually, one hard-hitting comment read, “Farrah was prettier when younger now her face [is] all fake.”

Teen Mom Fans Diss Farah Abraham In Before And After Photos
Teen Mom Fanpage / Instagram

Another Teen Mom fan didn’t waste any words, saying, “Ewe. Nasty.” 

This comment also arrived: “Farrah was naturally beautiful until she had all that surgery [which]messed up her natural beauty.”

Nobody thought that Farrah looked better for her plastic surgery, but some folks found the photos rather interesting. Throwback photos are always welcome as they make for a lot of discussions.

Undesired Effect?

If Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham hoped that her plastic surgery made her more alluring, she might feel horrified at what one critic said. They wrote, “You know how sometimes you can just imagine what a person would smell like in person? I get fart vibes whenever she makes an expression that is supposed to be sexy…I can’t help it.”

What are your thoughts on how much Farrah changed her appearance over the years? Do you think she looked way prettier as a young mom without plastic surgery? Sound off in the comments below.

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