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Sister Wives: Meri’s Friend Jenn Sullivan Rages About Her Kids & Stalkers

Sister Wives: Meri's Friend Jenn Sullivan Rages About Her Kids & StalkersSister Wives Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan run a Live on Instagram called Friday With Friends. Well, Jenn also manages the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owned by Kody’s first wife. So, she gets some notoriety these days. However, there’s a price to pay as looky-loos and curious fans apparently started hassling Jenn’s kids. So, Jenn had a lot to say about it. Later, Meri also told people off in strong terms.

Sister Wives Friends – Meri Brown And Jenn Sullivan Go Live

Friday With Friends started over a year ago on Instagram, and the two women seldom miss an episode. There, fans have learned not to ask questions about Meri’s family. Actually, those who do, sometimes get slammed by the TLC star. Increasingly popular, it brings a lot of fun and laughter between the two women. Actually, the subjects they discuss are quite random and often seem hilarious.

At one stage, Sister Wives fans got a bit confused about where Meri lives. Some of them wondered if she actually lived at the BNB in Parowan. However, it turned out that she remains in Flagstaff. Nevertheless, she spends a lot of time there. After her mom passed away, Meri arranged for Jenn to look after the place. Back then, it looked like a temporary arrangement, but it might be permanent now. Anyway, Jenn and Meri sound furious as curious fans are talking to her kids.

Sister Wives – Stalkers Hassle Jenn’s Kids

Jenn Sullivan might enjoy Friday With Friends and her job at the Inn, but being associated with famous faces clearly has some drawbacks. Jenn took to her Instagram stories on April 14, and said, “If you are yelling questions at my kid(s) from your car under any circumstance I will automatically assume the worst.” Next, she talked about how she doesn’t have any issues with folks who snap photos of the house. But. she warned folks off saying anything to her children.

Sister Wives Meri's Friend Jenn Sullivan Rages About Her Kids Stalkers-horz
Just Jenn – Instagram / Meri Brown – Instagram

Well, Sister Wives star Meri Brown got to hear about it and she seems less tolerant than Jenn. In fact, she warned her fans that “This is NOT OK!”  Clearly, she is very worried about the safety of the children. After all, not all fans are creepazoids, but there are some very strange people on Planet Earth.

Do Not Ask The Kids For ‘Information’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown also wrote, “Under no uncertain terms is it ok to speak to a CHILD to get information, to ask names, to ask if they can take you into the house.”

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree it’s unacceptable? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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