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Is My Big Fat Fabulous Life In Need Of A Name Change?

Is My Big Fat Fabulous Life In Need Of A Name Change?My Big Fat Fabulous Life suggets that a larger-than-average woman has a blissful and wonderful time living her best life. However, fans seldom see Whitney Way Thore joyous and dancing with happiness. So, TLC critics think the show is misnamed and needs a new title.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Always Unhappy Whitney Way Thore

Whitney seems toxic towards her friends and sheds so many tears that they could flood a metaphorical river every single season. So far, there’s been little to raise the spirits of fans as they watch her trainwreck love affairs play out. Critics think that for someone who is seemingly living a happy life, she sure has a lot of bad luck and a bad attitude.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans saw that Whitney cried her eyes out over her split from Chase Severino. It didn’t work out. But, she confessed on social media that she had gone through seven or eight relationships that fizzled out. In fact, a few seasons ago, she said on the show that nobody loves her because of her size. Recall, that came when she considered gastric surgery.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Misnamed?

The discussion about the show needing a more realistic name arrived on the r/MyBigFatFabulousLife subreddit. User u/zenli2018 posted a comment that read, “It’s called my big fat fabulous life yet the majority of her time is crying, complaining, and getting offended.” It also went on and discussed Whitney Way Thore’s obsession with “smelling the breath of animals.”

Is My Big Fat fabulous Life In Need of A Name Change
u/zenli2018 / Reddit

Other My Big Fat Fabulous Life critics agreed with the fact that Whitney seems unhappy and angry, not to mention toxic. So, one follower replied, “My Big, Sad Subpar Life.” Well, that sounds trollish, but probably, few people can deny that Whitney doesn’t seem unhappy most of the time.

Other Comments Arrive

More My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans discussed toxic and unhappy Whitney. One of them opined, “She is a…control freak… The control thing is her sucking the oxygen out of the room and every living thing around her.”

Another disgruntled fan noted, “Also, she has admitted on her IG. that she stays in her home unless it’s to travel with a crew. Not so fabulous.”

Well, it’s not unexpected that fans think the show needs a new name. Recall, one scene that revealed her crying went on for 17 minutes! As Screenrant noted, “[it left] fans to worry whether she would suffer from dehydration if she didn’t stop soon.”

What are your thoughts about Whitney’s not-so-fabulous life? Sound off in the comments below.

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