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Counting On: Jill Dillard’s Kids Sam And Israel Learn A Life-Saving Skill

Counting On fans might miss seeing the faces of Jill Dillard’s kids, Sam and Israel, but at least they still hear about their milestones. This weekend, Jill posted up about the boys who are currently learning a lifesaving skill. The post met with a lot of approval, and cousin Amy King also chipped in her thoughts on Instagram.

Counting On – Jill Dillard Talks About Sam And Israel

Israel soon turns seven years old. This time last year, on April 6, he celebrated his sixth birthday. So, in just a few days, he will have another birthday. Meanwhile, little Sam turned four years old in July of 2021. So, he’s not far off turning five. Well, TLC fans seemed very happy to hear about the new skills that kids learn. Bear in mind, they often get out and about in the wilderness, and their new training could be a lifesaver one day.

Counting On fans saw that Amy King commented on the new post about Sam and Israel. Actually, she’s a good friend to Jill. All through the Duggar family feud between Jim Bob and Derick, she stood by Jill. Actually, it sounded like she had chatted with Derick and Jill before the boy started on a new adventure.

Counting On – New Skill For Sam And Israel – Swimming Lessons

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, April 32, Jill shared a photo of Derick and the boys at a swim school. In her caption, she revealed that Derick started swimming young and he has some exceptional skills. In fact, at one stage he was a lifeguard.  However she wasn’t so lucky. She told her fans, “I had swim lessons as a kid, but slacked off and only mastered the doggy paddle and floating techniques 🤣.”

Counting On Jill Dillard's Kids Sam And Israel Learn A Life-Saving Skill
Jill Dillard / Instagram

When Amy King responded to the post by the Counting On alum, she said, “Yay! I’m Soo glad you connected with the owners! They are amazing!!” Well, Jill replied and thanked her for “the recommendation.” Possibly, Amy’s son Daxton already takes lessons there.

Fans Comment On Lifesaving Skills

Counting On fans seemed relieved that the boy learn how to swim. Actually, some of them taught their own kids at a much younger age. One fan commented, “So important to start them as young as you are able. I used to be a swim teacher, one of the most rewarding jobs ever. Pretty incredible seeing infants and toddlers save themselves from drowning.”

Another fan agreed that learning how to swim is so important. They wrote, “Yayyy! I wish parents would put their kids into swim lessons before all other sports. Has being able to play t-ball or soccer ever saved a life? Nope! But being able to swim definitely has!”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the alums right now. Come back here often for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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