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Is RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice As Toxic As She Seems?

Is RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice As Toxic As She SeemsThe Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) spoilers revealed over the years, that Teresa Giudice seems to love a confrontation. Certainly, she’s no stranger to putting herself front and center on the Bravo show. In fact, sometimes, she seems so toxic that she shocks fans. Well, Traci Johnson, the newcomer to the show revealed that she thinks Gia’s mom isn’t as bad as people might think.

RHONJ – Teresa Giudice Is Known For Toxic Drama

The trailer for the current season revealed that Teresa once again got over-the-top dramatic and she threw glassware around at dinner. Well, fans saw her behaving badly in the past. Recall, she once flipped an entire table in a fit of temper. In the current season, she brings her usual drama, and newcomer Traci didn’t escape her toxic attention. But notably, now she recovers from an appendectomy, Teresa seems quite vulnerable.

RHONJ fans noticed that when Teresa took to Instagram to do a promo after her release from the hospital, she seemed unwell. In fact, she paused often in her video and seemed to slur some of her words. Actually, fans worry because she seldom seems vulnerable. Fiery and fierce, she usually takes everything life throws at her with a lot of passion. Notably, Traci was at the receiving end of that this season.

RHONJ Star All Bark And No Bite?

Teresa Giudice clashed with Traci and her husband, Tiki Barber. Like everyone who questioned her relationship with Luis, Teresa waded into them. This week, Traci spoke with ET Online about it. In fact, she described Teresa as a “tornado.” The outlet reported that she said, “It’s like a Teresa tornado blows in; you never know, just as in a tornado, what kind of weather you’re going to really get.”

Is RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice As Toxic As She Seems
Bravo via Hayu / YouTube

The RHONJ newcomer added, “She can definitely shock you with things she says,” Well, fans already know that. Next, she pointed out that “her bark is a lot worse than her bite most of the time.” So, Traci concluded that “she can come off as very loud, but it’s usually not that harmful.”

Fans Might Hope That Traci Hasn’t UnderestimatedTeresa

RHONJ fans might not believe that Teresa Giudice is all bark and no bote. After all, they witnessed many toxic situations. Clearly, Traci should be aware that she shouldn’t underestimate Teresa’s capacity for holding a grudge. After all, she has no problems with attacking her own brother-in-law. Perhaps, in time, fans will find out if Traci is correct: or, incorrect. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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