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Little People Big World: Chris Marek Wants Amy Roloff To Make Some Changes

little people big world chris marek amy roloffLittle People Big World spoilers and updates tease that Chris Marek has called out Amy Roloff for her bad habits. He wants his wife to make some changes and get rid of her unhygienic habits and procrastination.

Amy and Chris are very much in love with one another. But just like any other couple, there are things that they don’t agree on. Now that they’re living together, they also have to make some adjustments.

Amy Roloff & Messy Habits On Little People Big World

Amy Roloff’s messy habits aren’t new to the viewers of Little People Big World. A lot of fans have already called her out for her unhygienic kitchen and other habits. She even posted a video where she can be seen licking one of her fingers while cooking. Matt Roloff, her former husband, may have gotten used to her habits but what about Chris Marek, her new partner?

Chris Marek Calls Amy Out For Her Bad Habits

TLC recently released a Little People Big World video that shows Chris calling out Amy for some of her bad habits. Chris said that he wants the house to be clean and organized when he moves in. Therefore, Amy should avoid keeping dirty coffee cups inside the house. She also needs to avoid procrastinating. Amy was reluctant to admit that she had the habit of putting menial chores off. But she admitted to it later on.

She promised she’ll change but she also pointed out that she doesn’t want to be nagged about it all the time. She wants Chris to “firmly and gently” remind her of the things that she needs to do. Will Chris’ upfront attitude help Amy get rid of her bad habits?

Little People Big World Update On Tori Roloff’s Pregnancy

A lot of exciting changes have been happening in Amy and Chris’ life but the same goes for Tori Roloff. The latter is almost the end of her pregnancy and she’s almost ready to give birth to her baby. Tori is already a mother of 2 kids, Jackson, who’s four years old, and Lilah, who’s two years old.

In an Instagram Story, the 30-year-old Little People, Big World star wrote, “I’m at that point in pregnancy where my maternity clothes don’t even fit anymore.”

“I just feel giant. I’ll see some other girl online post about how big she is and be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, we’re the same size,’ and then feel less huge. And then I’ll read the rest of her caption only to find out she’s pregnant with twins,” she continued.

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