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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi and Jake Torn Apart

days of our lives spoilers jake and gabi brandon barashDays of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) has been left broken hearted. Gabi had been dating Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash) and led to believe that Jake had betrayed her. Gabi and Jake had been working together to take over DiMera Enterprises and Titan.

DOOL updates indicate Gabi has been deceived by Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) who has been possessed by the devil. Johnny has become JoDevil. JoDevil wants to the Gabi’s partner and lover.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez Finds Out the Truth about Jake DiMera

Gabi has found out that Jake did not betray her. JoDevil has been able to frame Belle Black Brady (Martha Madison) for the problems between Jake and Gabi. Gabi and Jake had planned to run both Titan and DiMera Enterprises together. Gabi believed that Jake had made a deal with Maggie Horton Kiriakis (Suzanne Rogers) to keep her from running Titan. Gabi believed that Jake wanted to take control of her assets at DiMera Enterprises.

NBC Days of Our Lives spoilers show JoDevil had to find a way to keep from being discovered by Johnny’s grandmother Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) and has made everyone believe that Belle had been possessed. JoDevil has made it seem that Belle made the deal with Maggie and tried to take away Gabi’s assets in DiMera Enterprises. Jake found out the truth and went to tell Gabi. Jake was upset to find Gabi and JoDevil together. Jake told Gabi that he did not betray her. Gabi wants to find a way to get Jake back.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Jake DiMera Wants to Strike Back at Gabi Hernandez

Jake feels betrayed by Gabi. He believed that he and Gabi were a team. Jake has wanted to be able to run DiMera Enterprises while Gabi ran Titan. Jake has supported Gabi through many problems. Jake was shocked when Gabi took over DiMera Enterprises with JoDevil’s help. Jake found out that Belle had been possessed.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Jake hoped that he could tell Gabi that he did not betray her and they could get back together. Jake does not know if he wants to be with Gabi because she was with JoDevil. Jake may decide that he wants to get payback against Gabi because she has betrayed him. Jake may turn to Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) for help. Ava does not like Gabi and has mafia ties. Jake may believe that Ava can help him to do something to get back at Gabi.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez and Jake DiMera at a Romantic Crossroads

Days of our Lives spoilers say Gabi does not want to lose Jake. Gabi regrets that she did not believe in Jake. Gabi may turn to her friend Sonny Kiriakis (Zach Tinker) for help. Sonny knows that Gabi does love Jake and will want to help her find a way to win him back. Will Gabi get the help that she needs to get Jake back from Sonny?

Jake still loves Gabi but he is hurt by her betrayal. Jake may decide that he does not need Ava to help him to go after Gabi. Jake may decide that he can forgive Gabi. Will Jake forgive Gabi and try to get her back? Gabi and Jake still love each other. Can Gabi and Jake find a way back to each other? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of Our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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