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Little People Big World Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Diss Each Other on Social Media

Little People Big World fans think that Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, are in relationship trouble after the pair dissed one another in separate social media posts.

In an Instagram story, according to The Sun, Jeremy, 31, called out his 30-year-old wife after she had shared a snarky post of her own. Continue reading and we’ll tell you the rest of it.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Begs to Differ

It all began when Audrey shared an image of the couple’s unfinished bathroom and captioned it, “Going on four months now.” The Little People Big World veteran has been periodically sharing updates on the bathroom build’s progress, or lack thereof.

Of course, Jeremy has some thoughts of his own on the subject and shared as much in his own Instagram account. In his Instagram Stories the former Little People Big World star brought up the bathroom and reminded followers that his wife had said the cabin construction had taken “four months.”

Addressing Little People Big World fans Jeremy corrected his wife’s “four months” recollection. Holding up four fingers, indicating the four months, he wrote “It hasn’t. It’s been nine weeks,” adding that his wife should “chill out.” In conclusion, however, Jeremy showed solidarity with Audrey, saying, “But I’m ready to have our bathroom back, same as my wife.”

Little People Big World: Reddit Reacts to Public Display

Soon, Little People Big World fans took to Reddit to ponder why the father of three was correcting his wife in such a public fashion. One Redditor write, “IT’S A PUBLIC CRACK, FOLKS. Things are VERY BAD behind the scenes.”

Another fan pointed to the reaction they expected to see from Audrey, writing, “She’s going to take his phone or change his Insta password after that post!” And still another fan took Audrey’s side, writing, “Of course he doesn’t care. His childhood home was half construction jumble and half pigsty.

Another fan took a shot at their public display, writing, “So does the “passive aggressively argue through public Instagram stories” approach that they’re taking get recommended in book one or in book two?” Be sure to stay caught up with your favorite LPBW cast member and return here often for more Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates, otherwise be sure to follow Jeremy and Audrey to find out what happens.

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