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OutDaughtered Fans Hope Parker Kate Busby Is Okay After Fall

OutDaughtered Fans Hope Parker Kate Busby Is Okay After FallOutDaughtered fans have a special place in their hearts for Parker Kate Busby. The quint seemed terribly afraid of everyone when she was smaller and her anxiety made her seem very sad. Well, fans who followed her progress see a bright and confident kid nowadays, but she took a nasty fall and TLC fans are concerned about her.

OutDaughtered Quint Parker Kate Busby Gets Confidence Back

Adam and Danielle took a lot of heat when fans noticed that parker seemed uncomfortable in front of the camera crew. When Danielle took the kids for their Pre-K assessment, Parker failed miserably. So, lots of people slammed her parents for forcing her into an uncomfortable situation. They seemed more upset with Danielle though, who felt her daughter was just an attention seeker. Fortunately, Adam took special care of her. 

By the time the OutDaughtered quints turned six in 2021, TLC fans saw that Parker had overcome a lot of her fears. In fact, she grew poised and tall and many people think she might become a model one day. Later, they saw that she overcame her fears and finally rode a horse whilst on vacation. However, this week, she took a bad tumble and fans were worried because Adam just laughed.

What Happened To OutDaughtered Quint, Parker?

Parker Kate Bubsy was featured in a video clip that Adam shared on Instagram on March 25. He captioned it with,Doh,” and in the video clip, he laughed at his daughter. However, a lot of fans were not laughing. In fact, some of them told him straight that they didn’t find it funny at all. It happened when the kids were playing on the swings and Parker fell off, almost onto her head. 

OutDaughtered Fans Hope Parker Kate Busby Is Okay After Fall
Adam Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans noticed that swing that Parker fell off was very high up off the ground and she fell really hard. Naturally, she started crying and she looked distressed. So, fans tackled Adam for thinking it was amusing. One fan noted that her sister actually broke her collarbone in a similar fall. Actually, a lot of people seemed to think that Adam didn’t even care.

Is Parker Okay?

In response to concerned followers, the OutDaughtered dad told them that Parker Kate Busby is just fine. As he pointed out, “she is fine. We could laugh about it afterwards.”

One loyal fan said, “😂😂😂😂😂 sorry poor thing. And for those who are criticizing Adam for posting this stop! Kids fall all the time!!”

Another fan commented, “Little bumps when they are young makes them strong later…she seems to be fine and as great as usual.”

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