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Chris Marek Leaves Amy Roloff Blushing After Kitchen Incident

chris marek amy roloff little people big world

Little People Big World Spoilers suggests that Chris Marek knows have to leave his blushing bride doing just that. What did Chris do that left Amy Roloff red as a beet?

Little People Big World – Live Stream Flirting?

Little People Big World fans know that Amy often does live stream videos. Recently Amy and her friend were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day during the live stream video. Chris was in the kitchen at the time, not necessarily paying attention to what Amy was doing. However, Chris Marek was making something and suddenly a strange noise came from the kitchen.

All of Chris’ rustling around led Amy’s friend to question what was going on. Chris’ response left fans wondering about his and Amy’s private life and Amy’s face said it all. What was Chris doing in the kitchen? What did Chris say to make Amy blush so fiercely? What could possibly be happening in the kitchen to set Amy’s face aflame? Keep reading for details.

Chris Marek Playful Side Emerges

Little People Big World’s Chris was in the kitchen making dessert it seems. However, Chris’ actions started to bring questions as well. Suddenly, Chris began spraying whipped cream on the desserts to finish them off. Amy’s friend questions that spraying sound asking Chris what is going on.

However, neither Amy Roloff nor her friend was prepared for Chris’ response. Amy’s friend left the door wide open for Chris to make a light-hearted remark that left Amy blushing and seemingly gave fans a look into the couple’s sex life as well. Chris simply replied it was “good stuff” but Amy’s reaction is what sent fans’ minds in a totally different direction.

Little People Big World Fans Love Chris Marek

Little People Big World fans love Chris and have from the start. Chris’s funloving side makes him absolutely adorable. However, Chris’ reference to whipped cream being good stuff combined with Amy’s flushed face has fans wondering if the couple shares a kinky side. Chris and Amy aren’t shy about expressing their love for each other. The couple is always hugging and kissing when they are together. Fans aren’t surprised by the whipped cream incident or how different Amy acts now that she is with Chris.

Chris’ light-hearted flirting is just another way to show his affection for his wife. Fans know that Chris has a funny side even if his comment may have surprised them. It is nice to see them together and to witness their love. Here’s to many more years of love and flirting.

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