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Little People Big World: Chris Marek’s Naughty Comment Surprises Amy Roloff

amy roloff chris marek little people big worldLittle People Big World spoilers and updates tease that Amy Roloff was caught off guard by her husband, Chris Marek’s, naughty remark when they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. His comment was even captured on video.

Aside from being with Chris, Amy celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with her friends and they were all donned with clothes that are suitable for the occasion. The ladies were enjoying a gab session, which they posted on Amy’s Instagram account.

Little People, Big World – Amy Roloff’s Instagram Followers Notice Weird Noise

During their conversation, Amy’s Instagram followers noticed a weird noise that was coming from their background. In the video, Chris can be seen keeping himself busy at the counter as he prepares treats for his wife and friends.

Suddenly, a loud noise was heard from the area where Chris was working. It was then revealed that Chris made the sound when he was topping off the desserts with whipped cream.

Chris Marek Makes Naughty Comment

Amy and her friends were also taken aback by the weird sound. But they were even more surprised when Chris made a naughty comment.

He started with “That’s the sound of the good stuff.” Then he added that sometimes they can hear that sound “on a late Friday night.”

Amy was at a loss for words when she heard her husband’s cheeky comment. She turned red while her friends giggled during their live stream.

What’s The Latest in Little People Big World?

Who owns the Roloff’s family farm now? According to the latest update, Matt Roloff, Amy’s ex-husband still holds the ownership of the property. The farm, which is located in Helvetia, Oregon, was reported that it would be purchased by one of Matt’s sons. However, there’s no official announcement about it.

In 2019, Jeremy Roloff expressed his interest in purchasing the farm even though he admitted that it’ll be a very expensive investment. In May 2021, Matt answered questions as to whether Jeremy already purchased the farm. He said not yet but they were discussing it actively.

In the Roloff Farm’s annual business report, which was obtained by The Sun, Matt remains as its president and Secretary. Amy Roloff used to be the secretary of Roloff Farms. But she eventually sold her shares to Matt. Fans will just have to wait if Jeremy will make good on his plans to purchase the farm or if Matt will continue to remain as the owner.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Little People Big World right now. Come back here often for Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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  2. […] Little People Big World: Chris Marek’s Naughty Comment Surprises Amy Roloff […]

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