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Sister Wives Meri Brown Slammed By Fans During Instagram Live

Sister Wives Meri Brown Slammed By Fans During Instagram LiveSister Wives spoilers, news, and updates tease that Meri Brown didn’t please her followers during one of her Instagram Lives after throwing shade at Christine Brown’s cooking project.

Meri and Christine are both involved in a polygamous marriage when they are both affiliated with Kody Brown. Christine was the first one to leave Kody when she announced their separation last November 2021 in her social media account, and now happily resides in Utah. Meanwhile, Meri was not intimate with Kody anymore and now living her best life while road tripping.

Fans Throw Negative Comments on Meri Brown’s Recent Instagram Live

As she continues to live her best life, Meri has spent her Fridays doing Instagram Lives to just talk to her followers, have a chat with a friend, or do cooking stuff. Fans were happy to see the mother-of-one having a good time and away from the struggles of being in a complicated marriage.

However, her followers were not pleased on her recent Instagram Live when she threw shade at Christine Brown’s cooking project titled Cooking with Just Christine. Meri was seen doing Live in her kitchen with her friend, Jenn, and said that she will be “cooking with just Jenn.”

Some fans brought their frustration on Reddit, saying that Meri was jealous of Christine. One fan wrote, “This is so terrible in all directions! She glued herself to a man who doesn’t even want relations with her for over a decade! Desperado!! Then mocks her own sister-wife who is the only one who has the ‘real self-value.’”

Another Reddit user said, “That was a passive-aggressive dig and Meri is known for being bold. This isn’t off-brand for Meri, but she’s drunk so maybe she’s a bit bolder than she is when she’s sober.” Another one chimed in, “Meri is in a loveless marriage and too stupid to leave, but let’s mock Christine for having a cooking show. Her jealousy is showing and it’s not a good look.”

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Unveils A Happier version of Herself

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Meri shared a picture of her in a car and ready to face another day of road tripping, which made fans happy to see her appreciate life even more and can do all the things she loves. Meri also teased about “something fun” that will come along her way one of these days.

As Christine finally freed herself from Kody, fans hoped that Meri will do the same soon and allow herself to grow outside of a polygamous marriage. Even if some fans criticized Meri with her latest Instagram Live, there were still people who wished her well and showed support as she continues to work on herself.

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