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90 Day Fiancé Kim Menzies Apologizes for Her Mean Attitude Towards Zara

90 Day Fiancé Kim Menzies Apologizes for Her Mean Attitude Towards Zara90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kim Menzies expressed regret with everything she said about Usman Umar’s ex-girlfriend, Zara.

Kim and Usman spent almost a year talking online until they saw each other face-to-face in Tanzania when the Nigerian rapper shot his music video for his latest song, Zara. Their storyline was not well-received by some people when Kim kept on convincing Usman to sleep with her in one room and be intimate with her. Meanwhile, Usman doesn’t support the idea as he wanted to take things slowly.

In one of their past episodes, the two finally made it official and talked about their recent intimate night together. Now that he was already Kim’s boyfriend, Usman decided to be honest about the story behind his latest song, which led the San Diego resident to be extremely angry with her boyfriend.

Kim Menzies Regrets the Things She Said to Zara

When Usman finally revealed his past romantic relationship with Zara, Kim was furious with the confession and felt like a fool in the situation, especially when she knew that Usman and Zara had just broken up four months ago.

Kim hailed Usman as selfish and decided to break up with him. She also called Zara a b**ch on TV, which didn’t please the TLC viewers. However, Kim realized her mistake and publicly apologized for her behavior in the recent episode. In one of her Instagram stories, she wrote: “After watching yesterday’s episode, I want to apologize for calling Zara a b**ch.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Kim Menzies Manipulates Usman Umar?

After knowing about Zara, the mother-of-one wanted Usman to do “something big” for her to prove that she matters to him, and asked Usman to hand her back the necklace she gave. “Until you prove it back to me, you won’t get it back,” Kim said.

However, amidst Kim’s madness, the Nigerian rapper chuckled as he found the idea funny, and this led Kim to throw her drink towards Usman’s face. Fans expressed their disappointment in the comment section of the 90 Day Fiancé YouTube Channel. One fan wrote, “She is very abusive at this point. First is the disgusting sexual pressure. Now, emotional manipulation. I hope they break up fast.”

A YouTube user said, “She thought that just because she made an ‘effort’ for him and bought him gifts, he has the obligation to fall in love with her. That’s not how it works.” Another one chimed in, “Usman is a user, so I can’t feel sorry for him. He accepted all the gifts knowing she had feelings for him, but Kim has abusive tendencies.”

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