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Darcey & Stacey Spoilers: Why Georgi Rusev Didn’t Show Up

Darcey & Stacey Spoilers: Why Georgi Rusev Didn’t Show UpDarcey & Stacey spoilers reveal Darcey Silva is finally opening up about why Georgi Rusev didn’t attend the tell-all special. She was really upset and hurt by this and on the special, he acted like he had too much of his own stuff going on because of it.

Darcey Tells The Real Story

Darcey was pretty embarrased that Georgi didn’t show up to the tell-all special. She wanted to let her fans know what happened and why he wasn’t there. Darcey said to fans, “I had some different concerns. It’s only for him to say, but I think it was a multitude of things. I think he was going through something emotional himself that we were all there for, but also there were some things that happened off camera that I feel like he just wasn’t laying it out on the line And we were all there to support him. We just wanted to get support back in return.”

When the tel-all special was being filmed, Rusev was in New York for work and even Stacey Silva had her own opinion about what was going on. She pointed out that him not showing up was a big deal to them both and it was a way to show his support for Darcey, but he chose not to support her.

The Big Rumors

One of the friends of the Silva sisters did show up though and that is Octavia Bellinger. She was there to talk about the women and their finances. She mentioned that Georgi was having a lot of trouble with his finances and didn’t really have a job since he started dating Darcey. He knew that she had expensive tastes, but he continued to run up his credit cards to make her happy.

There were plenty of other appearances as well, but Darcey definitely felt as if Georgi let her down and clearly didn’t support what she is doing now.

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