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90 Day Fiancé: Ella Justifies Cheating, Claims She Was ‘Distraught and Upset’

90 Day Fiancé: Ella Justifies Cheating, Claims She Was 'Distraught and Upset'“90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” participant Ella Johnson has revealed that she was “distraught and upset” and didn’t plan to cheat on her Chinese boyfriend Johnny over her close friend.

TLC viewers are looking forward to Ella and Johnny finally meeting after starting their relationship online and having been bonded over video calls. The Idaho resident fell in love with her “Asian prince” but the pandemic interfered with their many plans to date in the United States.

However, as time goes by, Ella, who has an “obsession” with Asian culture, gets tired of waiting for her prince to show up after his plans got canceled because of the high risk of getting infected of the coronavirus when he has elderly parents and a little child to take care to in China. With this, Johnny got the fans’ sympathy and Ella was viewed to be selfish and demanding when she got disappointed with Johnny’s bad news.

Ella’s parents were also called out by viewers to be hypocrites and have double standards when they stopped Ella from flying to Dubai, where she planned to go so she can meet Johnny halfway, because of the same reasons Johnny presented but they considered invalid.

It seemed like Ella is giving up waiting for her Asian man because he slept with another man who she claimed is a close friend, all because she was “distraught and upset” because Johnny can’t meet in person.

90 Day Fiancé: “I Need Attention”

Ella explained that the “cheating” stemmed from inner struggles because of her insecurities. She admitted thinking of her self-worth tied up in males’ physical attention in a sneak peek shared by People for Sunday’s episode of “Before the 90 Days.”

In the video, Ella talks with Johnny via FaceTime in which the latter revealed he doesn’t want to travel to Dubai because of the long quarantine. He promises to come to the US in a few months and asks her to have “little faith” in him but Ella gets impatient, telling him she doesn’t want to “keep waiting for nothing” or she has wasted all the waiting time and still be single by 37.

Ella confesses that she recently slept with someone else, although it was unintentional because she just wanted comfort and someone to talk to.

“I need attention. I need physical attention,” she explains.

Johnny remains silent on the other side as Ella gets emotional and during her confessional, she admitted what she did was “very, very, very, very wrong.”

However, some fans are convinced these are just part of Ella’s manipulations in a desperate move to force Johnny to come to America. But will the two ever meet if at this point Johnny breaks up with her because of her cheating?

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