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Days Of Our Lives ‘CIN’ Sizzles But Who Is Your Favorite DOOL Couple? Vote Now!

Days Of Our Lives 'CIN' Sizzles But Who Is Your Favorite DOOL Couple? Vote Now!Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) recently has featured the return of Ben and Ciara. And it’s a comeback that many fans applaud, calling Cin (as the couple’s known) the new golden couple!

As a result of their characters’ leading roles, Days Of Our Lives stars Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) recently discussed the concept of their “super couple” label. Find out what they said below.

Plus, be sure to cast YOUR vote in our poll on who really ranks as Days Of Our Lives super couple below.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: The History Of ‘Cin’

Before we can discuss the current status of Ben and Ciara on Days Of Our Lives, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Ciara Alice Brady (portrayed by Victoria Konefal) and Ben (played by Robert Scott Wilson) got dubbed Cin.

And the two lovers once seemed doomed in getting a happily ever after ending. Both Ben and Ciara, after all, have traveled tortured paths before their latest reuniting. After getting abused as a child, Ben became the “necktie killer.” But time spent in treatment supposedly reformed him.

In contrast, Ciara got kidnapped, blown up, got found, and then experienced amnesia. Eventually, Days Of Our Lives writers gave Ciara back her memory and her love for Ben.

So does the against-all-odds-reunited couple rank as the new “super couple” of Days Of Our Lives? The two actors discussed their views on Cin’s label with Paper magazine, complete with photo re-creations of key super couple moments as shown on Twitter below.

And as we reveal below, Victoria Konefal and Robert Scott Wilson have very different views on the past, present, and future of Cin.

Robert Scott Wilson Appreciates Days Of Our Lives Fans!

Despite his rocky history, Ben has become popular among fans, noted the actor who plays him, Robert Scott Wilson.

“Ben’s certainly had a wild past, but that’s what makes him who he is,” pointed out Wilson.

And the actor believes that pairing Ben with Ciara proved a blessing.

Prior to the arrival of Cin, Wilson noted “a legion of Benjamin fans prior. But this pairing gave this character the ability to show his humanity and love and redemption.” As a result, Robert feels appreciative to the fans. “I couldn’t be more grateful for the pure embrace from fans right from the jump,” he added.

Ben’s POV: What’s Life Like As Days Of Our Lives ‘Super Couple’?

As for portraying half of Cin as Ben, Robert Scott Wilson understands why they’ve earned the label of Days Of Our Lives modern-day “super couple.”

And he expressed gratitude for the opportunity. “Man, that title got tagged on us right from the start which was kind of wild,” admitted Wilson. “But it’s an honor to be amongst some legendary pairings in such a short time.”

As a result of the pairing of the necktie killer with the “commissioner of the police department/ daytime icon’s daughter,” Robert feels the writers made “a bold move.”

Calling Cin an example of “forbidden love,” Wilson pointed out “it’s paid off pretty well so far.”

Ciara’s POV: What’s Life Like As Days Of Our Lives ‘Super Couple’?

In contrast to her co-star, Victoria Konefal feels hesitant to accept the “super couple” label. “I’m not entirely sure. It seems strange to deem my own work something that is worthy of a title with that high of a caliber,” said Victoria modestly.

“I’m gonna leave it to the fans on this one, but as far as I’ve noticed I think they’d say yes,” added the actress. As for what contributed to the rise of Cin, Konefal credits “many factors.”

First, the actress believes Cin’s popularity “stems from my chemistry with Rob.”

The duo have “forged such a genuine friendship and bond that translates onscreen. We are comfortable with each other, which is key in making an on-screen couple sell.”

Second, Victoria believes that her character’s popularity reflects “Ciara’s family legacy. Cin almost mirrors Bo and Hope’s relationship in many ways, and that pulls the audience’s heartstrings. There’s also the concept of “the bad boy falling for the good girl” which appeals to a lot of the fans.”

Vote In Our Poll For Days Of Our Lives Ultimate Super Couple!

So does Cin win as the true super couple of Days Of Our Lives?

Or do you feel someone else deserves the honor?

Vote in our Days Of Our Lives Best Super Couple poll from the following pairings:

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