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Unexpected Spoilers: Shayden Massey Broken With Emotion

Unexpected Spoilers: Shayden Massey Broken With EmotionUnexpected spoilers reveal alum Shayden Massey last appeared in Season 2 of the TLC show. However, despite their lovely child, Scarlett, he and Lexus split. These days, he’s the dad of two little girls. Sadly, this week he reported some bad news about his pup, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois. So, he had it make some heartbreaking choices.

Unexpected Spoilers: Alum Shayden Massey Seems Like A Loving Person

Lexus and Shayden split and in October last year, he welcomed his second child. However, Lexus didn’t give birth to the baby. He moved on with his new girlfriend, Kylee. Although he had more than a few run-ins with the law, he seems like a loving person. Recall, he landed up in jail for driving without a license. At the time, he said he needed the car to get to work. Well, he seems to stay on the straight and narrow these days, and he and Lexus seem to make co-parenting work very well.

Unexpected alum Shayden Massey also dated another woman along the way to Kylee. Named Meah, it wasn’t meant to be. Still fans like that he seems content these days. Obviously, people go through tough times, and sometimes, things just go bad. Recently, his grandma passed away. So, he asked fans for help for the funeral. Now, he delivered some more sad news. This time, it involves his beloved dog.

Unexpected Spoilers: Star Made Difficult Choices, Seems A Bit Broken

Shayden Massey took to his Instagram on Thursday, October 21. There, he shared a photo of a nice-looking dog. In his caption, he wrote, “So today was very sad as it was confirmed that my 2-year-old Belgian Malinois my third daughter was diagnosed with FCE.” Next, he explained what happens when a dog suffers from that. Apparently, it occurs when “a blood clot forms against the spinal cord causing paralysis.”

Unexpected Cast News Shayden Massey Broken With Emotion

Heartbreakingly, he told his Unexpected fans that they made difficult choices. He added, “so unfortunately my amazing babygirl is now paralyzed in her back legs. A lot of hard choices were made today but she truly is my best friend/daughter and I’ll do what I have to do to make sure she lives a happy full life no matter what.”

Can A  Dog Live A Nice Life With FCE

Basically, Shayden Massey’s dog suffered from a spinal problem. Known as a Fibrocartilaginous Embolus, it often follows trauma caused by violent exercise, according to VCA Hospital. Initially, in pain, that wears off. In the long run, the pup could use some assisted methods to help with mobility.

What do you think about Shayden’s choice to keep his dog alive and try to give it the best life he can? Sound off in the comments below.

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