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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Can Lacey Get Shane Whitlow To Confess Amid Love Triangle Temptations!?

 Life After Lockup Spoilers: Can Lacey Get Shane Whitlow To Confess Amid Love Triangle Temptations!?Life After Lockup has attracted viewers with its unexpected real-life twists and turns.

And now, in the latest “never saw THAT coming” surprise, a polygraph test presents a turning point in the relationship of Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow.

Find out all about it below.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Who’s Cheating Now?!

For husband and wife Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow, married life involves challenges in trusting one another.

And a new clip via Screen Rant shows Lacey struggling even more to make their marriage work.

Even enjoying their daughter doesn’t seem to be enough for Shane Whitlow’s wife.

As a result, Lacey decides to get her husband to admit to his alleged cheating with a polygraph test.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Inside Lacey’s Love Triangle

But while Lacey seems to enjoy playing the martyr in scolding Shane over her belief that he cheated on her, she doesn’t always play fair.

For instance, Lacey has failed to tell the truth herself regarding communicating with her own ex, John Slater.

And Lacey even dated both Shane and John at the same time prior to their releases from lockup!

But Lacey seems to feel unable to find fault in herself over that love triangle.

And instead, she’s focused on Shane’s prior confession about cheating on her.

When Shane originally confessed to cheating on Lacey, she returned to John.

But like a boomerang, Lacey then returned to Shane.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Admits To ‘Huge Pattern Of Lies’!

Because of Lacey’s and John’s relationship history, neither individual seems willing to end it permanently.

And that leaves Shane in an awkward position.

Ironically, though, Lacey doesn’t trust how much time Shane spends away from home.

A clip from Friday’s episode reveals Lacey persuading Shane to take a lie detector test to find out if he’s telling the truth about not currently cheating.

But she also provides a shocking confession during that episode.

“There’s a huge pattern of lies in our marriage,” Lacey confessed to the cameras. “Cheating is not a frequent pattern. But it has happened in the past.”

For instance, Shane confessed that he cheated on Lacey in the wake of their marriage.

But Lacey got spied on kissing John after that cheating scandal.

So what will the lie detector test reveal?

 Life After Lockup Spoilers: Can Lacey Get Shane Whitlow To Confess Amid Love Triangle Temptations!?

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Wants Shane To Confess!

Lacey seems to absolve herself from guilt by confessing to communicating with John but limiting that contact to “just talking to each other, like nothing else.”

But she clearly doesn’t believe Shane has limited his own contact with others to just talking!

During a conversation with the lie detector expert, Lacey listed the questions that she wanted Shane to answer:

  • Has Shane flirted with other women?
  • Why doesn’t Shane seem to want to become intimate again with his wife?

Watch the clip below for more!

Life After Lockup Spoilers: John Can’t Let Go Of Lacey!

As for whether Lacey can avoid her own cheating scandal, some think that she feels she wants to hold onto John like a security blanket.

When times get bad, Lacey can turn to John for comfort.

And that raises the question of how John feels.

Previously, he insisted he no longer wanted to have a relationship with her.

But spoilers indicate that John may not let Lacey go.

And Shane doesn’t seem fully aware of just how involved John and Lacey remain!

What could happen next?

Share your predictions and hopes for Lacey and Shane with us.

And be sure to check back on our site for all the news about Life After Lockup.

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