90 Day Fiance: The Family Of Geoffrey Paschel Appeals For Funding

90 Day Fiance: The Family Of Geoffrey Paschel Appeals For Funding

 90 Day Fiance: The Family Of Geoffrey Paschel Appeals For Funding90 Day Fiance alum Geoffrey Paschel faced counts of domestic assault, interference with emergency calls, and aggravated kidnapping. The allegations came from an ex-girlfriend but he seemed confident he’d clear his name. It seems like his kids and the rest of his family were not expecting a guilty verdict. On October 14, his son Dakota appealed for funding to help him presumably challenge the outcome of his case.

90 Day Fiance – Geoffrey Paschel Possibly Has Grounds To Appeal

When Geoffrey appeared in court, it had taken several years to finally happen. He could have opted for a guilty plea. By now, that would have all been over. However, he was so confident the case would fall his way, he fought it. Well, he got unlucky as it was held in the middle of Domestic Violence Awareness month. Additionally, both the prosecutor and the judge were female. Then, as fans pointed out, Tennessee doesn’t often take a soft approach to crime against women.

90 Day Fiance alum Geoffrey Paschel always claimed that the charges against him were manufactured. Actually, a custody dispute lay behind it, he suggested. Confident that he’d win out, it all backfired. However, during the trial, his ex-girlfriend introduced information outside the scope of the case. In fact, if he gets the funding, he might be able to fight for a mistrial hearing.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey’s Family Appeals For Funds

Geoffrey Paschel has a number of kids. Unfortunately, along the way, his youngest child,  Kazhem Hain passed away. It was not the fault of Geoffrey, but clearly, the family was devastated.  Now, they seem devastated all over again. Without appealing his trial, he could face eight to 30 years behind bars.

The 90 Day Fiance star’s son Dakota took to his dad’s Instagram this week and explained the situation. He said, “Please help. This is Dakota and I am writing this on behalf of my siblings and the rest of our family. If you don’t know already, my dad is an amazing guy. He is always helping make this world a better place and I have never met a person that works as hard as he does. We are all overwhelmed, devastated, and heart-broken about what happened to him on October 7, 2021.

The Fundraiser Appeal

Geoffrey Paschel’s son also said, “This country is supposed to be built on justice for all. My dad trusted the system. The court system is supposed to give people what they deserve. He doesn’t deserve what has happened to him. Please support us in getting him the help he needs. You all have been there for him the past few years and it means so much to him and all of us.

90 Day Fiance The Family Of Geoffrey Paschel Appeals For Funding

Finally, he wrote, “My Meme (grandma) is helping collect donations. Any amount helps. You can donate to Vemo at @Virginia-Pridmore or Paypal @virginiasp1@yahoo.com. Thank you.”

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