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Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Fulfills Lifelong Dream – Better Off Without The Snowdens

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Fulfills Lifelong Dream – Better Off Without The SnowdensSeeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs continues to live her best life away from the Snowdens. The reality star fled the United States following her split from Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. Now, she seems to do extremely well as she fulfills her dream in Australia.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Thrives in Australia

Vanessa Cobbs continues to stay in the Land Down Under. The Seeking Sister Wife star has been living there for years now and she seems to enjoy every bit of it.

Vanessa announced her move back to Australia shortly after confirming her split from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The reality star used the opportunity to cope with the breakup and it seemed to have worked well.

Vanessa Living Her Dreams

Vanessa Cobbs is now living her best life. The Seeking Sister Wife managed to land several acting gigs, which she has always been interested in.

Vanessa already starred in movies and theater plays, showcasing her acting skills. It’s no secret that she has always wanted to be an actress even before joining the show.

Previously, it was alleged that Vanessa only joined Dimitri and Ashley’s polygamous family just to be on the show. However, the Seeking Sister Wife star denied such claims.

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Vanessa Better Off Without The Snowdens?

Many are now wondering if Vanessa Cobbs is better off without Dimitri Snowden and his wife, Ashley. With everything that’s going on in her life at the moment, it seems she made the right decision to part ways with them.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Fulfills Lifelong Dream – Better Off Without The Snowdens

Despite being away from them for quite a while now, Vanessa still has a lot to say about the Seeking Sister Wife couple. Recently, she seemingly reacted to abuse accusations against Dimitri from his new sister wife, Christeline Petersen.

Petersen alleged that Dimitri has been very abusive of her verbally and physically. Vanessa appeared to relate to the situation as she shared some cryptic posts about being a “narcissist,” “playing victim,” and “enabler.”

“Enough. Stop lying to the world and yourselves,” Vanessa captioned her post, seemingly referring to Dimitri and Ashley. “Get help. There’s no shame in therapy.”

Vanessa previously admitted that she “was not being truly honest” with herself when she married Dimitri. The reality star said she ignored her “inner guidance,” which was telling her that she “doesn’t belong with them.”

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