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90 Day Fiance: Is Tania Maduro A Perfect Example Of How Rumors Start?

90 Day Fiance: Is Tania Maduro A Pefect Example Of How Rumors Start?90 Day Fiance brings 90 Day: The Single life to Discovery+ on November 12, and Tania Maduro features in it. Her presumably ex-husband, Syngin Colchetsrer also looks for love in the new TLC show. While fans don’t know exactly why they split, many people speculate. Of course, those who hate Tania think she was too controlling. However, this weekend, when Tania posted about Domestic violence Awareness Month, one fan revealed just how quick and baseless many rumors can be.

90 Day Fiance – Tania Maduro And Syngin Colchester

For a while now, fans heard rumors that Tania and Syngin split. Things became hotter when someone named Erin posted photos of him on her Instagram. Several appeared, and one photo dump showed them enjoying time together on his birthday. However, Tania also posed up some nice things about him on his birthday. So, fans wondered what was going on. Since then, Syngin and Tania confirmed they split and they both appear on The Singe Life.

90 Day Fiance fans always slammed Tana for telling Syngin she really wanted a baby. In fact, lots of babies. However, in the teaser for The Single Life, fans saw that her domestic aims ended up bringing problems. She yelled at him because she just wants to be a homemaking mom. Haters could at least credit her for honesty. Being a mom with a home always appealed to her. Meanwhile, Syngin looked adventurous and suffered from itchy feet. Clearly,  their efforts to prevent a divorce were unsuccessful.

90 Day Fiance – Domestic violence Awareness Month

Fellow TLC star Geoffrey Pachel landed an unfortunate court date, slap bang in Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Perhaps Tania’s post this weekend could be taken as shading him. However, it seems that’s not the case. Nevertheless, it does highlight just how easily rumors – damaging ones – can arise.

90 Day Fiance Is Tania Maduro A Pefect Example Of How Rumors Start

The 90 Day Fiance star wrote a lengthy post on Instagram and talked about her allegedly vicious step-father. Part of it detailed how her stepdad isolated them from family, and she witnessed some violent behavior.  Tania Maduro said that “being spewed venom verbally, leaves its own mental scars.” Finally, it came to an end when her parents divorced, but she still lives with nightmares about it.

Rumors Can Arise Way Too Easily

In the comments, one thing that a fan said, clearly indicates how rumors can spark so easily.  Possibly, as Tania Maduro and Syngin split, the fan jumped to conclusions. It seems that they assume that domestic violence might have played a role with the two TLC stars. The comment read, “Syndin? (sic). ” Well, clearly irritated, another fan replied, saying, “no if you read the post it says her STEP-DAD.

Do you agree that this sort of thing can spark harmful rumors? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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