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Little People Big World: Is There Trouble Between Tori and Audrey?

Little People Big World: Is There Trouble Between Tori and Audrey?Social Media Could Confirm Matt and Amy Roloff’s twins, Zach and Jeremy, were close as youngsters but, over the years, as they have gotten married and developed their own separate lives they have grown apart.

Though all four Little People Big World stars are Christian, Zach and Tori are more on the liberal-ish side, Jeremy and Audrey have come to be known as the more conservative of the lot.

However, religion and politics are not the only divide between the twins.

Little People Big World: Trouble Over the Farm

The first of the twins to get married was Jeremy when he got hitched to Audrey Botti in September of 2014.

The pair have since brought two children into the world and are currently preparing for the birth of a third, set for November of this year.

Zach Roloff, on the other hand, didn’t marry his wife Tori until July of 2015.

The twins have, at times, conflicted over who would be the one to run the Roloff Farms once the Little People Big World patriarch, Matt Roloff, steps down from the helm.

Little People Big World: Pregnancy Announcement Snub

Apparently, the dispute over the family business has wormed its way in between the twin’s wives as well.

While disputes happen in families and the Roloff’s would be no exception, Little People Big World fans have noticed that the sisters-in-law have become rather distant on social media.

One such example would be when Audrey announced the pending arrival of a third child, to her million or so Instagram followers, Tori was never, at least publicly, offered congratulations.

But this isn’t the only wedge that is apparent.

Little People Big World: No Playdates for the Cousins

In addition to the pregnancy announcement snub, it seems there are other ways the sisters-in-law have grown apart.

According to what can be seen on their respective Instagram accounts, the two have also not made any effort to get their kids together.

With the current state of the pandemic, it wouldn’t be too surprising, except that both women have set up play dates for their children with other children and have shared the fun on social media.

Little People Big World: Is There Trouble Between Tori and Audrey?

From what social media reveals, Amy Roloff has been the only one to make an effort to bring the Little People Big World cousins together.

Little People Big World: An Olive Branch May Do the Trick

Audrey Roloff did, however, did recently reach out to Tori on social media when Tori opened up to her Instagram followers about her miscarriage, Audrey was there to offer her support, and this may have closed the gap a little between the two.

It seems that, since Audrey’s olive branch, the two have been interacting more on social media.
Though a new season of Little People Big World has not yet been announced we know also that the show has not been canceled.

Stay tuned for more information as it arrives.

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